Shepparton Irrigation Region GMA

  Shepparton Irrigation Region Groundwater Management Area

The Shepparton Irrigation Region Groundwater Management Area (GMA) falls mostly within the Goulburn Broken catchment, and covers the Murray Valley, Shepparton, Central Goulburn and Rochester Irrigation areas.

The north boundary is the Murray River from Yarrawonga to just past Echuca, with the southern boundary generally following the irrigation districts.

The Shepparton Irrigation Region GMA covers shallow groundwater use; from the ground surface to 25 m depth.

Facts and stats

Area: 5,000 km2
PCV: No PCV set
Allocations: 100%

News and Announcements

If you would like your groundwater tested for salinity, please contact GMW.

Groundwater management

The Shepparton Irrigation Region GMA Local Management Plan (the Plan) was developed by Goulburn-Murray Water following extensive consultation with, and support from, key stakeholders and groundwater users. The Plan was approved on 3 June 2015.

The Plan provides groundwater users with information about the groundwater system and simpler rules describing how the resource is managed. The Plan recognises that shallow groundwater in the SIR is fragmented and opportunistic.

The Plan provides low intensity management which means lower costs for SIR groundwater customers and continues to support responsible pumping of shallow groundwater to assist with salinity control.


For further information or to obtain technical material relied upon for management arrangements, please contact the Groundwater and Streams section at GMW on 1800 013 357.