Interactive Water Level Mapping

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) has interactive maps available for Lake Eppalock and Lake Eildon. The maps enable users to view the likely shoreline of both lakes at various storage levels.

Available Interactive Water Level Maps

In addition to showing likely water levels, the maps also provide information about recreational facilities at the lakes such as picnic tables, toilet blocks, barbecue areas and boat ramps.

The development of the tool allows GMW staff, customers, recreational users and the broader community to zoom into areas of interest and assess where the water levels are likely to be under various scenarios.

We will continue to develop more interactive maps for our other key storages.

Water levels

At times, our water storages may experience very low inflows. These are often accompanied by dry conditions that can cause strong customer demand for water. As a result, the water level of the lakes continually varies.

The level of customer and community interest in storage levels increases when levels decline due to prolonged dry climatic conditions and customer demand.

GMW knows how important Lake Eppalock and Lake Eildon are to the local community and visitors to the area. This tool allows users to see for themselves what water levels are likely to be, and make informed decisions about their visit to Lake Eppalock or Lake Eildon.

In addition to the interactive maps, GMW recommends that vessel operators refer to general and local waterway specific signage located at all public boat ramps.

The imagery used in the maps may not reflect current conditions of the local environment.

The estimated extent of the water doesn’t provide an indication of depth and all users should be aware of hazards above and below the water surface at all levels.

Vessel zoning information and restrictions are specific to each lake.