Strathbogie GMA

  Strathbogie Groundwater Management Area

The Strathbogie Groundwater Management Area (GMA) extends from the Strathbogie Ranges in the south east to Violet Town in the north and Nagambie in the west. The GMA includes the upper and middle Sevens Creeks, Hughes Creek and Honey Suckle Creek catchments.

Facts and stats

Area: 2,900 km2
PCV: 1,660 ML
Allocations: 100%

Groundwater management

The Strathbogie GMA Local Management Plan (the Plan) was developed by Goulburn-Murray Water in consultation with a Groundwater Reference Group made up of groundwater customers and representatives from key stakeholder agencies. The Plan was approved on 29 August 2013.

The Plan provides a clear framework for managing groundwater in the Strathbogie GMA and considers both the benefits of using groundwater and the needs of high value environmental assets.

The Plan provides guidance about where groundwater development may occur and puts in place arrangements to manage current and future groundwater use; such as trading rules and caps on new licence entitlement.


For further information or to obtain technical material relied upon for management arrangements, please contact the Groundwater and Streams section at GMW on 1800 013 357.