How do I trade groundwater?

Groundwater entitlement can be traded from one licence holder to another on a temporary or permanent basis throughout GMW’S region except in the Shepparton Irrigation Region Groundwater Management Area.

To find a buyer or seller, you can contact a water broker or advertise in the local newspaper.

Please be aware that if you apply to transfer licence volume in some Groundwater Management Areas / Water Supply Protection Area when there is an allocation in place, the volume being transferred will also be reduced in line with an allocation percentage.

For example Katunga WSPA is currently limited to 70% allocation and Lower Campaspe Valley WSPA is currently limited to 75% allocation.

Specific rules for each management area can be found in the individual Groundwater Management Area/Water Supply Protection Area under our How is Groundwater Managed? page.

If you intend to apply for a licence transfer you are urged to contact GMW prior to making an application to ensure you have a full understanding of the conditions which may apply.