What is groundwater?

Groundwater is water found beneath the earth's surface in pores and crevices of sand and rocks.

Sand and rocks from which groundwater can be pumped are known as aquifers. 

Groundwater supports a significant amount of agricultural activity, commercial operations, provides urban supplies, and is an essential source of water for domestic and stock supply.

It’s also an important environmental asset that provides base flow to streams and supports wetlands and other groundwater dependent ecosystems.

Groundwater information

Use the map below to find out more about individual Groundwater Management Areas and Water Supply Protection Areas - hover over each section to see the current allocations, and click through to the relevant page for more information.

WSPA: Water Supply Protection Area. An area that requires intensive management and monitoring due to risks associated with groundwater extraction.

GMA: Groundwater Management Area. An area that groundwater has been intensively developed or has the potential to be developed further.

Unincorporated area: Currently no WSPA or GMA defined due to low levels of groundwater use; these areas will gradually be defined within GMAs.