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Event Permits

GMW is Victoria’s largest rural water corporation, managing lakes, dams, reservoirs and waterways across Northern Victoria. But GMW doesn’t just capture, store and deliver water to customers, we also issue event permits, enabling local communities to safely enjoy their regional waterways.

If you’re looking to host a community or commercial event on or near one of our waterways, or simply planning a wedding at one of our beautiful recreation areas, the information on this webpage will assist you to plan and manage a successful event.

Events calendar

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Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Bendigo Yacht Club Sailing Regatta

Location: Lake Eppalock

Midland and North Central Angling Association Inc - VRFish Lure Learning Program

7:00 AM-5:00 PM
Location: Woolshed Bay Foreshore, Cairn Curran Reservoir


7:00 AM-4:30 PM
Location: EPPALOCK


7:00 AM-4:30 PM
Location: EPPALOCK

Apply for a permit

Apply for an event permit online  

An Event Permit Application Form must be submitted to GMW for any event including, but not limited to:

  • an organised entertainment, sporting or recreational event or show
  • a rally
  • an organised boating event or regatta
  • a festival, tour, fete or public meeting
  • a demonstration, training class or similar event
  • a wedding or similar ceremony or
  • a private function for 30 or more persons.

If your application is conditionally approved and fees paid, you will need to provide the following:

  • Insurance certificate of currency (as detailed below)
  • a Communications Plan that details how organisers will communicate during the event, particularly with limited or no mobile phone reception
  • a Risk Management Plan that identifies and assesses any risks for the event and how they will be managed
  • copies of relevant permits if you will be supplying food and drink and/or alcohol at the event
  • copies of relevant approvals from other agencies (e.g. Transport Safety Victoria, DELWP and local councils).

GMW Event Management Plan Templates must be used for the plans listed above -  download our Event Management Plan Templates here.

Once all these documents have been received and reviewed by GMW you may be issued with the permit.

The timeframe for approving an event permit can vary, but we recommend applying for your permit at least 90 days before the event. Incomplete information will delay this process.

Event permit applications will only be considered within 12 months of the event date.

Waterway events requiring exclusion zones and/or boating exemptions

If you wish to conduct a waterway event or boating activity on GMW managed waters and require an exemption, an exclusion zone, or a modification from the application of provisions of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic), Marine Safety Regulations 2012 (Vic) and/or State waterway rules, you will need to complete the GMW WM5 application form

The form should be submitted GMW along with the standard GMW Event Application Form. These must be submitted a minimum of three months before the proposed event to enable GMW’s consideration and Waterway Manager liaison/compliance with Maritime Safety Victoria.

Compulsory insurance

Anybody applying to host an event on GMW managed storages and land must hold Public Liability Insurance cover for a minimum of $20 million for any single accident or event. This should cover the loss of or damage to any property and the death of or injury to any person.

Once your application has been conditionally approved, you will be required to submit a Certificate of Currency with Goulburn-Murray Water noted as an interested party for the event, prior to the Permit being granted.

Events at Dartmouth Dam, Hume Dam, Torrumbarry Weir, Mildura Loch and Lake Mulwala also require the Murray Darling Basin Authority and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to be noted as interested parties (in addition to GMW).

Criteria for permit approvals

Because the waterways are responsible for collecting, storing and delivering water to customers, GMW must ensure that recreational use doesn’t cause a negative impact.

Event Permits can be granted where the event does not: 

  • interfere with the storage operations
  • pose an unacceptable risk to water quality, ecological health, cultural heritage or to staff and public safety
  • create a liability for GMW or our customers
  • cause a negative financial impact on GMW or our customers.

Assessment process

GMW will assess the Event Permit Application Form and:

  • conditionally approve the event to occur; or
  • conditionally approve with special conditions and/or stipulations that must be adhered to in order for the event to proceed; or
  • reject the proposal due to safety or storage operational issues; or
  • request further information; or
  • on behalf of the Event Applicant, refer the application proposal onto other agencies and regulatory bodies ie. Transport Safety Victoria Maritime (TSV), to assess the safety of the event.

Conditional approval will be sent in writing, however a permit will only be provided once all documents are received and assessed.

If you are issued with a permit it must be signed by both GMW and yourself, the host of the event. This permit may be withdrawn by GMW if special conditions are not met, there are safety concerns or the operation of the storage may be compromised as a result of the event.

You must have this permit on your person during the event.


  • The Standard Application Fee is $330 (inc.GST) for the first day and $165 (inc. GST) each consecutive day (payable by cheque, money order or credit card). This is payable at the time of your Application.*
  • A Commercial Event Fee or a discounted Community Event Fee will be charged upon assessment of your application and should be forwarded within 14 days of receiving approval from GMW to conduct the event.*
  • Your organisation will be responsible for any additional costs incurred with the requirement to advertise in the government gazette and/or in print media.*
  • An additional fee for late submissions (less than 90 days prior to the event) may apply.*
  • A refundable Bond may be required prior to the event taking place. GMW will determine if required upon receipt of the Application.

*These fees are non-refundable if your event is cancelled.

Exclusive use

Event permit approval doesn’t guarantee exclusive use of the area unless formally requested and approved and noted by GMW.

GMW cannot guarantee that construction or operational works on or around the waterway will not occur during the period of your event. These may impact the area available, cause noise or change the conditions. We will attempt to notify you of works where possible.    

User safety

Water quality and conditions

Due to the natural surrounds and the operational roles of storages, it’s important to note that GMW is unable to guarantee the quality and/or suitability of a location on the day of your event.

Water levels may fluctuate with the storage operating to deliver water to downstream customers and water quality can change. Updates on water storages can be found at our Managing Water Storages page

Water supplied by GMW is not suitable for human consumption without first being properly treated. However, blue-green algae, which is always present in waterways can reach toxic levels in certain conditions and this may impact your event. Further information and current warnings are available at our Blue-Green Algae Alert page.

Further detail can be found in GMW’s Water Quality Customer Information Statement, available at our Safe Drinking Water page.

Your event may be cancelled

GMW reserves the right to cancel or alter the event if there is concern for public health and safety or storage operations. GMW will not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of an Event Permit being withdrawn or the event activity being cancelled.

Other safety obligations

If anyone will be on or in the water during the event, the Permit Holder must promote the GMW Water Smarts campaign. This can be achieved by one of the following actions:

  • Displaying one or more Water Smarts posters at the event (available for download at our Water Smarts page). The size of the posters is at the discretion of the Permit Holder, but it must be placed in a prominent position.
  • Promoting the GMW Water Smarts messages via event social media channels (e.g. Facebook) or through promotional materials (e.g. event flyers and signage)

The method of Water Smarts promotion should be recorded in the Communications Plan (refer to Event Management Plan Templates) and evidence provided to GMW if requested.

As a Permit Holder, you are required to report to GMW any incidents that occur (on water or on land) as soon as possible, in addition to contacting relevant emergency services.

To report an incident please call:

If you are an owner/master of a recreational vessel involved in a marine incident you must also follow the incident reporting process outlined in the Transport Safety Victoria Maritime website , opens in a new window .

Other permits and permissions

In addition to the forms and plans listed above, some other permits and permissions may be required depending on your event. If they are required, copies of these permits and permissions must also be supplied to GMW before the Permit will be issued.

The following is a guide of other consent your event may require, but is not an exhaustive list.

Liquor Licence

All events planning to sell or provide alcohol must apply for a Temporary Liquor Licence from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

All Temporary Liquor Licence applications must specify that alcohol won’t be served in glass containers and that the persons serving the alcohol have a RSA certificate and the licence is displayed at the event.

This is a State Government requirement.

For more information visit , opens in a new window

Food and Beverage Licence

If you plan to sell food at your event, each temporary food trader must be registered with Streatrader. An annual (calendar year) fee will be payable online.

All temporary food traders must also submit their Statement of Trade (SOT) online with Streatrader.

This is a State Government requirement.

For further information contact the Environmental Health Officer at the Council where your event will be held or visit

Government Agency Approval

Some events may require approval from government agencies such as Transport Safety Victoria (TSV), Parks Victoria, or the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

GMW will assess the need for agency approval based on the event application, may seek approval on behalf of organisers and inform organisers of any requirements for them (e.g. public notice advertising).

Traffic Management

If your event requires road closures or changes in traffic conditions, you must contact VicRoads and your local Council to discuss your proposal as you may be required to place public notice advertisements prior to the event.

For more information about events and road closures, visit the VicRoads website , opens in a new window

Events requiring road closures must also notify Ambulance Victoria by emailing  

If an event will impact Public Transport Services, the organiser inform PTV. More information is available at the PTV website , opens in a new window .

Council Permit

Some events, especially those which also take place on Council owned or managed land or roads, may require a Council Permit.

Please contact the local Council where your event will be held to find out whether you will require a Council Permit.

After the event


As the Permit Holder it is your responsibility to ensure the area is left in a clean and tidy condition. Any local municipal requirements regarding rubbish removal or temporary sanitary conveniences must be adhered to.

Refund of bond

Complete the  GMW Refund/Credit Transfer Form after the event and note the title of your event on the Form. Bonds will be refunded into the nominated bank account if the GMW Storage Officer has approved the refund.

Contact us

Should you have any queries in regards to an event application you can contact GMW via phone, email, fax or post.