Water Services Committees

  Photographs of members of a water services committee engaged in a workshop

Our network of 12 Water Services Committees (WSCs) are the voice of our customers.

Consisting of customer representatives from across our region, WSCs work with Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) on matters relating to operations in their local area.

Through regular meetings, WSCs advise and assist us in:

  • Better understanding issues facing customers and their service expectations.
  • Improving our relationships with customers, including communication and problem solving.
  • Providing a customer perspective.
  • Distributing information between us and our customers, particularly through local organisations and informal networks.
  • Preparing plans, including those associated with the GMW Connections Project, Water Plans, Corporate Plans and communications strategies for the subsequent approval of the GMW Board
  • Monitoring our plans.

WSCs are distinguished by district boundaries and the type of customers they represent.

The Central Goulburn, Loddon Valley, Murray Valley, Rochester-Campaspe, Shepparton and Torrumbarry WSCs represent irrigation customers in their area.

The Kiewa/Mitta Mitta/Upper Murray, Ovens/King/Mid Murray, Goulburn Broken and Loddon and Campaspe Regional WSCs represent diversions, groundwater and farm dam customers in their area.

GMW also has water and flood district committees. This includes the Loddon Water Districts WSC, representing domestic and stock customers in the Loddon Valley Irrigation district and the Loch Garry Flood Protection District WSC.

The flood protection district comes into action when the height of the Goulburn River at Shepparton exceeds 10.36 metres and the operation of Loch Garry is required.

For more information about our Water Services Committees refer to our Water Services Committee Operating Rules, PDF.

To find your local Water Services Committee refer to our Water Services Committee locations.