Water Trading

News and announcements

Changes to tagged trade

Removal of the ‘grandfathered’ status exemption for tagged water entitlements from 1 July 2024.

Restrictions on tagged use became long-term on 30 November 2021, replacing interim arrangements in 2020-21 and 2019-20.

Changes to the Goulburn to Murray inter-valley trade rule

A new long-term trade rule came into effect for Goulburn to Murray inter-valley trade on 1 July 2022, replacing the interim 2021-22 trade rule.

Changes to the Victorian Water Trading Rules

Some of Victoria's water trading rules (opens in a new window) changed on 1 July 2014. 

Ovens/King changes

Updates on water trading in the Ovens/King system, PDF

Broken system changes

Updates on water trading in the Broken system, PDF 

Review of trading rules for the Ovens/King system

Review of trading rules for the Ovens/King system, PDF 

Review of allocation and trading rules for the Broken system

Issue paper - Review of allocation and trading rules for the Broken system, PDF

Water trading

Unregulated systems water trading

For more information on Unregulated Systems water trading contact the GMW Customer Experience team on 1800 013 357

Groundwater trading

Groundwater entitlement can be traded from one licence holder to another on a temporary or permanent basis throughout GMW’s region except in the Shepparton Irrigation Region Groundwater Management Area.

Find out more about Groundwater trading here.

Other information

Trading rules

Trading rules govern when an application for water allocation trade can be approved.

Another type of water trade, referred to as ‘tagging’ or ‘tagged trade’, allows you to link (tag) water you hold in one trading zone to a property in another trading zone, allowing water to be used there. A Ministerial Determination governs the use of water under these tagged trade arrangements, by making tags subject to the following rules:

  • In the Ovens system – King water tagged to the lower Ovens cannot be used if there are restrictions in place on either the Ovens or the King.
  • In all other declared (regulated) water systems – tagged water cannot be used when related allocation trade between the two trading zones is closed.

Find out more about trading rules and tagging on the Victorian Water Register.

Historic data

Find historical water trading data published in GMW reports as well as links to external trading data report generators.

Explore historical data 


Applications to trade and vary water entitlements can be downloaded from the  Victorian Water Register and lodged with GMW.


Applications made to GMW

Applications made to the Water Register

Application assistance

Water Share Owner Identity Check

Every time you apply to transfer a water share or to give a limited term transfer of a water share a Water Share Owner Identity Check form needs to be completed. GMW cannot process the above applications until each person signing the application as an owner (eg. seller) of the water share, or on the owner(s) behalf, has completed the Water Share Owner Identity Check.

Water Entitlement Storage Fee Remittance Advice Form

When completing an application to Transfer or Divide and Transfer a Water Share, all outstanding Water Entitlement Storage Fees must be paid as a condition of our approval. This form should be attached to a cheque or can be used to record credit card details.

Water share ownership

The Victorian Water Registrar has legal responsibility for the Water Register, which was implemented for northern Victorian regulated systems on 1 July 2007, and declared water systems in southern Victoria on 1 July 2008.

For information about recording water share transactions, including transfers, mortgages, limited term transfers and discharges of mortgage that are recorded by the Victorian Water Registrar , opens in a new window .

Water share ownership confirmation is conducted by the Victorian Water Registrars office. Please visit the Victorian Water Registrar (opens in a new window) website for further information and application forms.

Delivery share trading 

GMW Delivery Share trading rules and trading zone information is available at our Delivery Share Trading Rules page.

Extraction share trading - Murray (Zone 7) and Ovens systems

The issuing of extraction share in the Murray (Zone 7) and Ovens systems is capped. Extraction share trading rule information for these systems is available at the Victorian Water Register Place of take approvals page

Water brokers

The Australian Water Brokers Association (AWBA) have a list of members available here (opens in a new window) , who may be able to assist GMW customers who are seeking to engage a broker prior to trading water.

Please email ea@awba.org.au if you wish to enquire about this list. 

Victorian Water Register

Get in touch with the Victorian Water Register by phoning 136 186, or visit the website at  waterregister.vic.gov.au.

Contact us at GMW

You can contact the GMW Customer Experience team by phoning 1800 013 357. You can also email us at reception@gmwater.com.au.