Public Interest Disclosures

Compliance with the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 (PID Act) aims to:

  • encourage and facilitate the making of disclosures of improper conduct and detrimental action by public officers and public bodies
  • provide certain protections for people who make a disclosure or those who may suffer detrimental action in reprisal for a disclosure
  • ensure that the identity of the person making the disclosure and the content of that disclosure is kept strictly confidential

What is a public interest disclosure?

Public interest disclosures are reports about:

  • improper conduct of public bodies or public officers (such as corrupt conduct)
  • detrimental action that a public officer or public body has taken against a person in reprisal for them (or another person) having made a  public interest disclosures or cooperated with the investigation of a public interest disclosures.

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is a public body for the purposes of the PID Act.

How do I make a disclosure?

Disclosures about Goulburn-Murray Water or our employees, officers or members must be made directly to the  Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission  (IBAC) at GPO Box 24234, Melbourne 3001 or call  1300 735 135.

Goulburn-Murray Water is not able to receive disclosures under section 13 of the Act.

Goulburn-Murray Water’s role

Goulburn-Murray Water does not tolerate improper conduct. Neither does it tolerate reprisals being taken against those who come forward to disclose such improper conduct.

Goulburn-Murray Water has a procedure as required under section 58 of the Act. This procedure sets out how we protect people against detrimental action that might be taken against them in reprisal for making a public interest disclosure or cooperating in an investigation into a public interest disclosure.

You can download a copy of our  Speaking Up Procedure, PDF opens in a new window.