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Domestic and stock water

Domestic and stock water is only available during the irrigation season. You should ensure you have sufficient on-farm storage during the non-irrigation period (16 May to 14 August). 

Don’t forget to fill your domestic and stock dam 

The irrigation season finishes on 15 May and opens on 15 August. During this time, we cannot guarantee you will have access to water from the channel network for domestic and stock purposes due to channel maintenance requirements. 

During the irrigation off season, we lower channels to allow the crucial maintenance of our channel network, including the repairing of damaged banks and also the maintenance of weeds and silt which impact the delivery of water during the irrigation season. 

Remember: Fill your tanks and dams before 15 May to secure your winter water.

For more information including any questions you have, please phone the Customer Experience Team on 1800 013 357 and they will connect you to your local Customer Service Manager.

Water quality

GMW does not guarantee the quality of its water. Water provided by GMW has not been treated for human consumption.

In the event of a blue-green algae outbreak, GMW will inform customers who utilise the affected waterways. More information can be found at

Infrastructure responsibilities 

There are two types of water delivery for Domestic and Stock customers – metered and unmetered. If your domestic and stock water is metered, GMW is responsible for the meter and isolation valve and can assist with any issues.

GMW also recommends customers isolate their valve at the end of the irrigation season and start of winter so their pipes hold water through the off-season.

If your domestic and stock water is unmetered, GMW does not own any infrastructure that facilitates the delivery of water to a customer’s property, and that infrastructure is the customer’s responsibility.

If customers have any questions about infrastructure and what their responsibilities are, please phone GMW on 1800 013 357.

Services GMW offers domestic and stock customers

GMW can assist with information about infrastructure responsibilities, and advice on how to manage your water delivery. If you are having issues paying your fixed charges account or your variable, GMW can offer payment plans and extensions to meet your needs.

When to expect to hear from us 

You will receive your variable account in July each year – this will include fees for your water usage. You will receive a bill for fixed charges in August each year – this will include your customer fee, infrastructure asset fee and service point fee.

We will also issue start of season and end of season newsletters with important information for customers, as well as a mid-season update for domestic and stock customers.

Information about your account 

You can manage your accounts at any GMW Customer Service Centre, over the phone, via a MyGMW account, and at Australia Post outlets.

If you require assistance with paying your accounts, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 013 357 – we can put in place an extension or payment plan, or offer flexible payment arrangements to fit your needs.

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