Delivering for our region and our future

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is a vital part of life in northern Victoria. Our role in delivering reliable, affordable water and providing other water-based services drives a regional economy underpinning our collective prosperity and enhancing the wellbeing of our communities.

These communities are in transition. Changes in climate, global trade, economics, government policy, land use and social values are driving major changes in how our region functions. This requires GMW to also change to meet the expectations of our customers and stakeholders in continuing to provide appropriate, affordable and reliable services.

GMW's five Strategic outcomes

GMW’s Board of Directors has set five strategic outcomes which encompass our corporate goals so that we are well placed, agile and adaptive in the face of challenges that face our communities and our organisation.

Safe, skilled, engaged people

We have a safe, inspiring and diverse workplace where learning is encouraged and people are supported.

Satisfied customers, trusting partners

Our customer-first culture and strategic partnerships provide benefits for our customers and communities.

Innovation, data and technology driven services

We innovate and use data and technology to deliver efficient services.

Sustainable business, viable customers

We make long term, sustainable decisions focused on efficiency, finance and assets.

Water security and other water values are recognised

We champion the cultural, economic and environmental opportunities that water provides to our communities.

Our Corporate Plan outlines our strategic direction and our business plan and priorities, while our Pricing Submission outlines our annual fees and charges for the next year. Find out more here: