Give us your feedback


We recognise that effective compliments and complaints management is fundamental to ensuring high quality customer service and we value your feedback on our performance and any suggestions that you may have on how we can improve.


If you have had a good experience while dealing with Goulburn-Murray Water, we'd like to hear about it to ensure that we can continue to improve the customer experience.

Please call on free call 1800 013 357 or email with your positive feedback and we will ensure that it is passed on to the relevant business unit or staff member.

Concerns and Complaints

If you have a complaint please contact us by following the process explained below.

Making a complaint

To lodge a complaint you can call, write or email us.

Customer Service Centre
Goulburn-Murray Water
PO Box 165
Tatura VIC 3616

To make the process as straight forward as possible G-MW has developed a Complaint Form , opens in a new window , however if you prefer, you may provide your own written submission.  

It is important to provide as much relevant information as possible at the outset to help resolve your complaint. Please try to have all supporting documentation and any evidence supporting claims or concerns available when you first make contact.

If you need assistance or advice about making your complaint please contact Goulburn-Murray Water on 1800 013 357.

What to expect

Goulburn-Murray Water's management of complaints is consistent with:

  • Australian Standard, AS ISO 10002:2006.
  • Essential Services Commission Customer Service Code

A person making a complaint can expect to:

  • have complaints treated as genuine and to be properly investigated;
  • have complaints aimed to be resolved within 10 working days;
  • be given appropriate and easily understood information regarding the complaints process.

Goulburn-Murray Water will:

  • provide sufficient resources to ensure all complaints are adequately managed and investigated;
  • encourage and expect employees to actively listen to a customer making a complaint;
  • resolve the complaint, or make the complainant aware of the progress towards the resolution of their complaint, within 10 business days; and
  • within the bounds of legislative and policy requirements, do its best to assist in a resolution that is to the satisfaction of all parties.

Our response to a complaint will deal with the substance of the complaint or will inform the customer when they will receive such a reply if the complaint is complex. The response issued by Goulburn-Murray Water will provide reasons for any decision given and if appropriate will include the legislative or policy basis for the reasons.

More information about Goulburn Murray Water's complaints management approach can be found in the Customer Charter. The charter sets out the standard of service that customers can reasonably expect to receive and against which GMW’s performance can be judged.

Complaints about your account

If your complaint involves a disagreement regarding your account balance, we will not seek payment while we investigate your complaint and then only if the dispute has been resolved in our favour. However, if you owe any other amount which does not directly relate you your complaint, this must be paid.

Not satisfied with the outcome? Try the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria

If you feel that your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please let us know. If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV) on 1800 500 509.

EWOV is a free independent and impartial dispute resolution service.

More information can be found on the  Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV) website.

Note: The Energy and Water Ombudsman will not accept complaints if you have not approached Goulburn-Murray Water first.

Improper or corrupt conduct

If you believe that an officer of GMW has been involved in improper or corrupt conduct, please contact the Independent Broad based Anti-Corruption Commission , opens in a new window (IBAC) on:

1300 735 135

(03) 8635 6444

Postal address
GPO Box 24234, Melbourne, VIC 3001

Under the Protected Disclosure Act 2012, State government agencies such as GMW can no longer directly receive disclosures about improper or corrupt conduct.

GMW's Protected Disclosure Policy and Procedure

GMW has prepared written procedures for the protection of persons making disclosures from detrimental action - further information can be found at our Protected Disclosure page.