Talking Water with GMW

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GMW’s podcast series aims to engage listeners on all things water, with some of our most interesting people across GMW and the water industry.

The podcast episodes have the ability for listeners to dive into topics without having to set aside time to read or watch a video.

With a focus on a specific theme or topic around water each month, the podcasts are available for free - you can listen to each episode below, or download them on your favourite podcast app.

Episode 31: Winter Works (May 2024)

In this episode, we’re joined by Infrastructure Delivery Services General Manager Warren Jose, Manager Field Services Tony Corbett, and Manager Project Delivery Aaron Walker.

They discuss GMW's Winter Works program and the various maintenance and refurbishment works being undertaken during the irrigation off-season.

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Episode 30: Waranga Basin internment camps (April 2024)

This month, we are joined by George Ferguson from the Tatura Irrigation and Wartime Camps Museum.

Ahead of Anzac Day, George talks to us about the internment camps that were established around Waranga Basin during the Second World War.

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Episode 29: Managing water orders in times of high demand (March 2024)

In this episode, we’re joined by Acting Water Systems Operations Manager Mick Doherty.

Mick takes us through how GMW manages water orders in times of high demand, so customers can continue to get water at the time and flow rate they require.

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Episode 28: Water delivery in the seventies (February 2024)

In this episode, we are joined by GMW Senior Drainage Engagement Officer Lew Humphreys.

Lew joined GMW as a Water Bailiff back in 1979. He talks about what the role involved in those days and how the water industry has evolved since then.

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Episode 27: Water Efficiency Project (January 2024)

 In this episode, we are joined by Water Efficiency Project Director Sean Tenace.

With the Water Efficiency Project earning completion, Sean discusses what the project has achieved and what it means for the future of the region.

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Episode 26: Lake Eildon safety and compliance (December 2023)

In this episode, we are joined by Leading Senior Constable George Crawford from Jamieson Police Station.

George provides some simple tips for how people visiting Lake Eildon and its surroundings can ensure their trip is a safe one. 

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Episode 25: Groundwater (November 2023)

This month, we are joined by GMW Groundwater and Streams manager Matthew Pethybridge.

Matthew explains what groundwater is, and why it is becoming an increasingly important resource.

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Episode 24: Place of Take Approvals (October 2023)

This month, we are joined by Penny Clark from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action.

Penny takes us through the Place of Take Approvals framework, a new approach to water delivery entitlements that comes into effect in November.

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Episode 23: Careers at GMW (August 2023)

This month, we are joined by GMW HR Business Partnering Manager Marnie Rowden.

Marnie talks about the different career opportunities at GMW and the benefits of working in regional Victoria.

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Episode 22: Managing Water Storages (August 2023)

This month, we are joined by Northern Victoria Resource Manager Dr Mark Bailey.

Mark explains the differences in the lakes, dams, and reservoirs GMW manages, and how they are operated.

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Episode 21: Weed Treatment (July 2023)

This month, we are joined by GMW environmental maintenance coordinator Danielle McMillan.

Danielle talks about GMW's extensive winter weed treatment program, and how GMW has found new methods of treating aquatic weeds. 

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Episode 20: Winter Works 2023 (May 2023)

This month, we are joined by Goulburn Murray Water Field Services Manager, Tony Corbett.

Tony talks about GMW’s extensive Winter Works program, including the various maintenance and repair works it involves, and how these works improve GMW's delivery network.

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Episode 19: Water for the Environment (April 2023)

This month, we are joined by the North Central CMA's Peter Rose and the Victorian Environmental Water Holder's Keith Chalmers.

Peter and Keith discuss how their organisations are looking to revitalise northern Victoria's waterways to support the native plants and animals that call them home.

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Episode 18: Pricing Submission (February 2023)

This month, we are joined by GMW Customers and Stakeholders general manager Kate Biglin.

Kate talks about explains what the Pricing Submission is and how people can have their say on GMW prices and service levels.

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Episode 17: International Day of People with Disabilities (December 2022)

This month we are joined by GMW All Abilities Network members Lisa Franke, Donald Hughan, and Paul Bruce. 

They discuss this year's theme International Day of People with Disabilities, 'not all disabilities are visible', and the steps workplaces can take to become more inclusive.

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Episode 16: Flood Recovery (November 2022)

This month we are joined by Incident & Recovery General Manager Daniel Irwin.

Daniel talks about the different forms of support available to GMW customers affected by the recent flooding, as well as how GMW will ensure its assets and infrastructure are all returned to normal working order.

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Episode 15: Customer Relationship Coordinators (October 2022)

This month we are joined by Customer Relationship Coordinator Mark Halden.

Mark talks about different customer support options GMW provides, including account management, end of season carryover, and ordering water.

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Episode 14: Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project (September 2022)

This month, we are joined by Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project Projects General Manager Jane Ryan.

Jane talks about how the restoration project is breathing new life into some of the region’s most ecologically significant floodplains, and how they are working with GMW and other organisations to achieve this.

Episode 13: Start of Irrigation Season (August 2022)

This month, we're joined by GMW Water Delivery Services general manager Warren Blyth.

Warren discusses the upcoming Irrigation Season, which begins on 15 August. Warren talks the outlook for the new season and what irrigators can do to prepare for it.


Episode 12: Winter Works (July 2022)

This month, we're joined by GMW Infrastructure Delivery Services general manager Warren Jose.

Warren discusses this year's Winter Works program, which sees more than 100 staff putting in thousands of hours desilting channels, refurbishing channel banks, repairing assets and treating weeds.

Episode 11: Pride Month (June 2022)

June is Pride Month, and in this episode, we are joined by Jenna Morris and Chloe Warburton from GMW’s Pride Network

Jenna and Chloe talk about the significance of Pride Month and what it means to celebrate it, as well as the actions that can be taken by workplaces to ensure they are safe and inclusive for all.

Episode 10: Water compliance and enforcement (May 2022)

In this episode, we are joined by GMW Water Use Compliance and Enforcement coordinator Chris Dalton.

Chris talks about the different types of water theft and how we seek to prevent them.

Episode 9: Inclusion and access for people with a disability (March 2022)

In this episode, we are joined by GMW Corporate Risk Coordinator and WaterAble Chair Donald Hughan.

Donald talks about how GMW and other employers have changed over the past 15 years to make workplaces more inclusive for people with disabilities and what steps are being taken in the water industry to improve inclusivity. 

Episode 8: International Women's Day (March 2022)

In this episode, we are joined by GMW director Alana Johnson to mark International Women’s Day.

Alana is a founding member of Women in Agriculture and the Chair of the Victorian Women’s Trust.

She talks about the importance of equality in the water industry and how people can be agents for change within their workplaces.

Episode 7: Water safety (February 2022)

This month, we talk to MSV Recreational Boating Safety Manager Gareth Johnson about some of the most frequent hazards people face on inland waterways and how the can be avoided.

He offers some practical advice on how to ensure your next trip onto the water is trouble free.

Episode 6: Climate change (February 2022)

This month, Resource Manager Mark Bailey explains how climate change has affected our region, and how GMW has adapted to meet these changes.

Mark also talks about some of the innovations we have seen from farmers to help ensure their prosperity as water becomes scarcer.

Episode 5: Blue-green algae (December 2021)

This month, GMW Water Quality Coordinator Bianca Atley discusses blue-green algae and how it is managed.

Bianca also speaks about how GMW analyses water quality and the different factors that influence the quality of the water in our storages. 

Episode 4: Our services (November 2021)

This month, Manager Customer Experience Lisa Dudley explains some of the ways we are making our services quicker and easier to use.

Saving time is great, and in this episode, Lisa explains some of the ways we are speaking up the process with paying bills and applying for licenses.

Episode 3: Recreation at our storages (October 2021)

This month, Recreation and Land Officer Chris Braden speaks about the recreational offerings at GMW’s storages and waterways.

With summer approaching, Chris speaks about some of the many activities people can enjoy on GMW's storages and waterways.

Chris also discusses GMW's plans to improve these storages into the future.


Episode 2: Ordering water (September 2021)

This month, Manager Water Systems Operations Craig Kellow discusses water ordering.

With irrigation season now underway, Craig and his team are busy providing 24-hour service for our customers.

Craig explains how to get the most out of our water ordering services, including how to place irrigation orders and monitor their water uses online.


Episode 1: Managing and allocating water (August 2021)

As Resource Manager, Mark Bailey makes seasonal determinations for all of Northern Victorian regulated river systems including the Goulburn, Broken, Campaspe, Loddon, Bullarook and Murray regulated river systems.

Mark explains to us how these determinations are made, answering some of most frequent questions about irrigation, such as ‘what is the difference between water shares and allocations?’ and ‘what is the function of low and high water shares?’