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We deliver water to customers in the Nyah, Tresco and Woorinen Pumped Irrigation Districts through dedicated piped supply networks.

Ordering water

To ensure your water is debited against the correct allocation account, please make sure you place your orders on GMW’s ordering system WaterLINE.

It allows you to place irrigation orders, communicate with us and monitor your water usage based on the allocation and entitlement you hold.

For assistance using WaterLINE online, contact GMW on 1800 013 357 during office hours 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

You can also download our WaterLINE online manual for step-by-step instructions. 

Pipeline customers 

Customers in pipelined water districts normally access water at any time during the year.

Notification of intention to take water is currently not required.

Water is normally available on demand where customers adhere to their pipeline capacity share.

Customers are required to have on-farm storage for four days use, based on peak daily allowance.

Pumped Water District customers have metered service points.

Final meter readings will be taken in the month of June. 

Alternatively, customers may phone us on 1800 013 357 with an updated meter reading during the year.

More information on how to read a water meter.


Carryover allows water entitlement holders to take their unused water allocation into the next irrigation season. It provides all water users with greater flexibility to manage their own water availability between seasons.

Carryover is possible in the regulated water systems of northern Victoria, except for the Ovens system where storages are too small to support carryover. Unused allocation will automatically carry over as long as it is held in an ABA linked to your water shares on 30 June. 

ABA owners can only carry over a volume equivalent to the volume of the water shares linked to the ABA. Five per cent of the volume carried over is deducted to cover water that evaporates when it’s stored in the dam through the new season. The rules are designed to maximise the water available in the early part of the season, up to the total volume of water shares linked to an ABA. This means carryover is recorded against low-reliability shares first and then high reliability. 

For more information, go to End of season & carryover 

Pipeline system maintenance

Your piped supply gives you the flexibility to access water at any time during the year. However your supply may be interrupted as we conduct maintenance on the pipeline or an emergency supply failure occurs. Where we have your details, you will receive a notification when there is an interruption to your water supply.

This service is provided so you have an opportunity to make alternative arrangements and minimise the impact to your property. If a planned water outage will exceed four days duration you will be notified at least five days before the outage occurs. Customers should ensure they are able to store water to meet their needs during a planned maintenance interruption. If the interruption to your supply is unexpected we will send you a text message with the duration of the outage. Please ensure we have your current mobile number so you receive this notification.

Report leaks and supply issues

Every care has been taken to ensure the pipeline has been installed to a high quality, however occasional maintenance is required. Please report any leaks or supply issues as soon as possible so they can be repaired.

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