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Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) operates an extensive water distribution network serving thousands of customers across our irrigation districts.

We schedule as many as 350,000 water delivery orders each year from farmers, urban water corporations and environmental managers - that’s more than 1000 orders every day of the irrigation season. A positive relationship with our customers helps ensure our system operates efficiently and services are delivered on time.

To ensure our services are as effective as possible, our customers should:

  • lodge, receive, alter and complete water orders
  • complete information about planned water usage
  • care for assets and prevent damage to them
  • provide a hazard-free work area for our employees around assets
  • advise us  of any problems with assets such as leaks, damage or failures
  • report if their meter is not working
  • report suspicious behaviour or vandalism at and around GMW assets; and
  • keep informed about changes to services.

Irrigation season

The gravity irrigation season operates for a nine-month period, from 15 August to 15 May. The channel system closes for at least two months over winter for essential maintenance.

For more information, go to End of season & carryover 

Draining irrigation channels

We deliver a construction and maintenance program outside the irrigation season which requires our channels to be drained. You will need to seek alternative supply during the winter channel shutdown period.

Ordering water

Gravity irrigation customers must order water before using it, and use must accurately reflect the flow rate and ordered duration. Without placing an order, you are taking water without authority and may be subject to penalties under the Water Act. It is illegal to take and use more water than allowed under your entitlement. Please ensure you have the right authorisations before taking water from a dam, bore, stream, river or creek.

Placing an order for water also means we are able to accurately account for how much water was used if a meter fails. All gravity irrigation customers have the ability to monitor their seasonal usage through WaterLINE. It also allows you to record your own meter readings and produce a Water Usage Statement that summarises water usage for the current season. This report details your seasonal allocation, any movement of water in and out through trade; and how much is available allocation remaining to use, trade or carryover into the next season.

If you haven’t used WaterLINE before or have lost or misplaced your User Number or PIN, please call the GMW Customer Experience team on 1800 013 357. We will connect you with your local Customer Relationship Coordinator who will help get you started. Alternatively, you can visit the WaterLINE website.

Managing your water usage

A meter is located at your outlet so an accurate measurement of the water you have used can be obtained. You can read your meter anytime to monitor usage as it is your responsibility to ensure you don’t use more than what’s available in your allocation account. You can buy additional allocation if you require more or you can transfer it between your allocation accounts.

However, you must allow sufficient time for the transaction to occur before you need to use the water as these applications can take up to five working days to finalise. Transactions through the online Victorian Water Register are instant. If you exceed your allocation account balance and go into a negative, this negative balance will need to be covered by buying or trading allocation. Otherwise, you will be sent an overuse warning letter. If the issue is not resolved, you may face legal action.

Meter installation

Please contact your local Customer Service Centre if you have queries about your metering requirements.

Water trading

A wide range of trading options are available depending on your location. Information, fees and forms are available online at the Water Register website at

Allocation trades can be accessed online through the Victorian Water Register or Broker online portal for instant approval of transfer. Paper transactions will take up to five days.

For more information, go to Water Trading - Goulburn Murray Water 

Buying and selling water shares

Water shares can be bought and sold subject to water trading rules. For more information, visit the Water Register website at or speak to a local water broker.


Carryover is a risk management tool which provides you with the ability to carry forward unused water from one season to the next. Answers to many of your carryover questions can be found on the Victorian Water Register website at You can also test different scenarios relating to carryover and spillable water by using the simulators on this website. There are different rules between river systems, and you can discuss this with GMW.

For more information, go to End of season & carryover  

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