Form 55 - Land and Water Transfer

- Click here to transfer water services with sale of land

Victorian Water Register Forms

 - Click here to access forms from the Victorian Water Register for water shares; works licences; water use licences and allocations (opens an external website in a new window)

Water Use Entity & Delivery Share 

 - Click here for application forms for water use entities and delivery shares

 - Click here to restructure water services (including subdivisions and amalgamations) 

Amend District Boundaries

  Click here if you're bringing land into or out of the irrigation district

Order and Use Water

  Click here for authority to order and use water

Information Statements and Special Meter Reads

 - Click here if you're looking to purchase a property

Groundwater and Bore Construction 

 - Click here to access Groundwater and Bore Construction Licence Application Forms

Surface water and Dam Construction Licence Application Forms

 - Click here to access the Surface water and Dam Construction Licence Application Forms

Private Works Licence and Service Point Applications

Click here if you want to construct, use or undertake works on GMW's land or assets

Click here if you want to transfer a use of Private Works Licence

Click here if you want a new Small Pipe Outlet for stock and/or domestic (D&S) purposes installed

Click here if you want a new Metered Service Point installed or to make changes to your existing Service Point

GMW tour or visit request form

  Click here if you would like to arrange a tour or visit of GMW facilities


To find out how to host an event at a GMW storage, go to our Events page.

Piped Water District forms

Application kit for subdivision of piped water district service

Application kit for amalgamation of piped water district services

Application for issue of a new piped water district service and request to alter capacity of an existing service

Other Forms

Click here for Supply by Agreement for Mobile Collection of Water from Channels  

Click here to transform entitlement  

Click here to apply for a drainage diversion agreement

Click here for Application to Cancel and Reissue a Supply by Agreement