Our 2021/22 Price List

Our  2021/22 Price List sets out our prices and schedule of charges for the current year.

New Customer and Water Register Fee

From 1 July 2021, Service Fees will be replaced by a Customer Fee and the Water Register Fee.

Delivering on our commitment for simple systems, the Customer Fee will replace multiple administrative Service Fees on your fixed charges accounts. This means you will only pay a single fee as a customer. Currently a Service Fee is applied to each service a customer receives from GMW.

As we continue to increase our digital service offer and reduce our administrative overheads, it is only fair these costs are recovered equally from all customers, and not be driven by the number of services received.

The Water Register Fee is charged to us by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on the basis of your water entitlement records stored in the Victorian Water Register. Under our current arrangements, this fee is recovered by the Service Fee which all customers receive regardless of the number of entitlements they have in the Victorian Water Register. Delivering on our commitment of fairer pricing, the Water Register Fee will recover the costs of you storing your records in the Water Register, removing cross-subsidised pricing.

It is anticipated that most customers who currently pay for two or more Service Fees will see an overall reduction on their account as a result of the new Customer Fee. While some customers may experience an increase as a result of the new Water Register Fee, water entitlements will be able to be consolidated, reducing the number of records, and associated fees.

Customers who only have one service will receive a slight increase in their fixed charges account. This increase is offset by other price reductions passed on through last year’s 2020/21 pricing.

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Historical Price Lists

In accordance with sections 260 and 264 of the Water Act 1989, Goulburn-Murray Rural Water Corporation is required to advertise annual tariffs and any tariff changes.

The tariffs are set for services and works provided by the Corporation for the financial year periods, with some specific exceptions noted within individual advertisements

Below are copies of historical pricing lists.

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