Form 172 - Issue of a NEW Piped Water District Service or Request to Alter Capacity of an Existing Service

Use this form when making application for a new piped water district service or requesting to alter the capacity of an existing piped water district service.

Assistance with completing this form

Before you start

  • Read the accompanying explanatory notes and referred to the current fee schedule, which can be obtained by calling 1800 013 357 or downloaded from
  • Receive an estimate of set up and ongoing costs
  • Determine if the Property included within the relevant district
  • Determine if an Easement required
  • Determine if the Capacity and Water Entitlement been surrendered by an existing customer

Essential background information

You must read and understand the following information before applying for a Water Works Service:

(a) The property must be within the district before this application can be made.

(b) Any additional tapping points or infrastructure upgrade or pipeline extension required as a result of a new application will be at the applicants cost. This includes Easement Creation.

(c) The minimum capacity and water allowance, as stipulated in the Piped Water District Operating Manual.

East Loddon South & Catumnal

  Peak daily demand Annual Use Limit
Stock 13.7 L/ha/day 0.00302 ML/hectare/year
Domestic 7,000 L/household/day 1.73 ML/household/annum


  Peak daily demand Annual Use Limit
Stock 11.2 L/ha/day 0.00247 ML/hectare/year
Domestic 7,000 L/household/day 1.73 ML/household/annum


  Peak daily demand Annual Use Limit
Stock 22.4 L/ha/day 0.00494 ML/hectare/year
Domestic 6,000 L/household/day 1.66 ML/household/annum

(d) The service is a bundled entitlement which means that water is linked to land, the capacity and the annual allowance transfer with the transfer of the land title, with the exception for a new issue applicant

(e) Customer application may be refused if assessment criteria are not met.

(f) Should any applicant wish to become a customer or increase capacity, the application assessment would need to ensure there is no adverse impact on the existing customers in the District. i.e. reduced capacity to existing customers. Note: Customers surrendering Capacity/Water must retain minimum stock allowances.

(g) An existing customer needs to surrender capacity & water allowance to allow for a new customer or a customer to increase.

(h) An Easement needs to be created, at the applicants costs, for pipeworks to any new tapping point.

(i) Customers should be provided with an estimate of set up and ongoing costs. These include easement creation and installation of tapping point costs.

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