Ovens/King/Mid Murray Regional WSC

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The Ovens, King and Mid Murray Regional Water Services Committee represents diversions customers who source water from regulated and unregulated rivers and streams, groundwater bores and registered and licensed private dams within the catchments of the Ovens, King and Mid-Murray (Hume to Nyah) Rivers.

GMW’s Ovens, King and Mid-Murray customers use water on a range of horticultural and agricultural crops ranging from permanent and annual pastures for dairy, beef and sheep enterprises, through to lucerne, wine grapes, nut
trees and olives. Water is also used for domestic and stock and commercial purposes.

If you have any issues or concerns and would like to speak with your WSC, please see below for their contact details.

Ovens / King / Mid Murray Regional WSC members

Malcolm Carson (Chair)
0428 591 657

Malcolm is a beef and fodder farmer who has lived in the King Valley all his life.

He is passionate about the economics and efficiency of irrigation in our region, and has represented the Ovens, King and Mid Murray Regional WSC for more than 15 years.

He feels it’s important to maximise our irrigation potential because we live in a predominantly dry region.

Peter Antonello (Deputy Chair)
0417 344 619
Mixed farming operation

Rodger Broderick
0427 503 504
Cropping and fodder

Rodger has been based in the Numurkah-Cobram area for 36 years growing irrigated fodder and pasture seed crops.

Sid Dalbosco
0427 575 622

Sid has been based at Porepunkah in North East Victoria for all of his working life, breeding beef cattle and fattening steers to more than 600kg.

Sid is also involved with growing wine grapes in the Buckland Valley and hay contracting. He previously spent time in the dairy industry, and also growing tobacco.

Robert Cook
0428 293 559
Dairy farmer

Robert runs a dairy farm situated at Edi Upper on the King River with his wife and two sons. The family milk up to 500 cows and irrigate more than 100ha of pasture and summer crops.

The farm also has 120ha of dry land.

Bruce Johnsen
03 5729 8130
Horticulture and cattle

Bruce has been involved with farming in Victoria since the early 1980s. His first farm involved the development and operation of a walnut/chestnut enterprise that included cattle grazing.

His biology studies led him to utilise modern and sustainable irrigation and farming practices.

Bruce and his wife operate a horticulture and cattle property in the King Valley.

Outside of farming, Bruce has more than 40 years’ involvement with a range of disciplines including health, information technology and scientific research.