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The Ovens, King and Mid Murray Regional Water Services Committee represents diversions customers who source water from regulated and unregulated rivers and streams, groundwater bores and registered and licensed private dams within the catchments of the Ovens, King and Mid-Murray (Hume to Nyah) Rivers.

GMW’s Ovens, King and Mid-Murray customers use water on a range of horticultural and agricultural crops ranging from permanent and annual pastures for dairy, beef and sheep enterprises, through to lucerne, wine grapes, nut
trees and olives. Water is also used for domestic and stock and commercial purposes.

The Ovens/King/Mid-Murray Regional WSC is chaired by Malcolm Carson and consists of seven members in total.

With low rainfalls in the winter and spring of 2015, the committee worked with GMW to ensure a balance between the equitable sharing of the diminishing resource and irrigators water needs was achieved. The committee was also involved in the Choice and Flexibility project which explored options on how to free up water trade in unregulated surface and groundwater systems. Freeing up trade will continue to be a focus into the 2016/17 season, as will involvement in future planning for the Diversions business.  

Issues around the enlargement of Lake Buffalo and blue-green algae have also been topics of interest.

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