Loddon and Campaspe Regional WSC

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The Loddon and Campaspe Regional Water Services Committee represents diversions customers who source water from regulated and unregulated rivers and streams, groundwater bores and licensed private dams within the catchments of the Loddon and Campaspe Rivers.

GMW’s Loddon and Campaspe diverters use water on a diverse range of agricultural crops that include potatoes, walnuts, olives, as well as traditional cereals and pastures. Additionally there are mineral water enterprises, quarries and mines, and manufacturing business that divert water from various sources in line with licence conditions.

Loddon and Campaspe Regional WSC members continue to work with GMW to manage resources and keep customers informed.

If you have any issues or concerns and would like to speak with your WSC, please see below for their contact details.

Loddon Campaspe RWSC Map

Loddon and Campaspe Regional WSC

Andrew Maher  (Chair)
0427 378 217
Mixed farming, irrigated cropping and lucern hay production

Richard Carter (Deputy Chair)  
0438 457 283
Farm dam registration - mixed berries

Garry Addlem 
03 5437 8220
Mixed farming enterprise

Tim Harrington
0439 397 282
Regulated Campaspe irrigator, sheep and hay farmer 

Thomas Walsh
0427 241 820
Groundwater - water cartage in upper Coliban

Ross McKinstry
0427 434 743
Regulated Campaspe irrigator - cropping and grazing farmer 

Hilary Jankelson 
0418 361 630
Upper Campaspe Catchment groundwater - walnuts 

Karl Hooke 
0412 006 736
Groundwater and regulated Loddon - cropping and grazing farmer