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The Loddon and Campaspe Regional Water Services Committee represents diversions customers who source water from regulated and unregulated rivers and streams, groundwater bores and licensed private dams within the catchments of the Loddon and Campaspe Rivers.

GMW’s Loddon and Campaspe diverters use water on a diverse range of agricultural crops that include potatoes, walnuts, olives, as well as traditional cereals and pastures. Additionally there are mineral water enterprises, quarries and mines, and manufacturing business that divert water from various sources in line with licence conditions.

The Loddon and Campaspe Regional WSC is chaired by Norm Suckling and includes nine members in total.

Loddon and Campaspe Regional WSC members continue to work with GMW to manage resources and keep customers informed.

If you have any issues or concerns and would like to speak with your WSC, please click here for their contact details.

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