Kiewa/Mitta Mitta/Upper Murray Regional WSC

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The Kiewa, Mitta Mitta and Upper Murray Regional Water Services Committee represents diversions customers who source water from regulated and unregulated rivers and streams, groundwater bores, registered and licensed private dams within the catchments of the Kiewa, Mitta Mitta and Upper Murray (above Hume) Rivers.

GMW’s Kiewa, Mitta Mitta and Upper Murray customers use water on a range of horticultural and agricultural crops ranging from permanent and annual pastures for dairy, beef and sheep enterprises, through to lucerne, wine grapes and even green tea. Water is also used for domestic and stock and commercial purposes.

If you have any issues or concerns and would like to speak with your WSC, please see below for their contact details.

Kiewa / Mitta Mitta / Upper Murray WSC members

Peter Serpell (Chair)
0428 289 356
Cattle stud

Peter is a long-term farmer in the Kiewa Valley. With his wife Rhonda, the couple grew raspberries under an extensive drip irrigation system for 30 years.

They now grow summer fodder crops under pressure irrigation for use in their Fleckveigh stud operation, a dual-purpose cattle breed suitable for both milk and meat production.

He is interested in growing the district economy by utilising its reliable water and high quality land resources.

Jason Reid (Deputy Chair)
0419 424 260
Dairy farmer

Jason has been a dairy farmer for almost 30 years at Gundowring North in the Kiewa Valley.

As an irrigator, he is determined to see the access and reliability of the district water supply maintained.

Jason has advocated for the protection of local water users’ rights as a 15-year member of the WSC.

Donald Crosthwaite
0448 289 268
Dairy farmer

Donald has operated a family dairy farm in the Kiewa Valley for 35 years.

The farm has been irrigated since the 1950s with water from the Kiewa River. Donald's son now manages the property, which milks about 400 cows.

Donald has been a member of the WSC for 20 years. 

Gordon Nicholas 
0458 760 512 
Dairy farmer

Mac Paton 
0417 063 304
Dairy farmer

Mac has been a WSC representative serving the interests of Mitta Valley irrigators for the last 20 years

He currently runs a 650-cow dairy farm in Tallangatta.

Mac has served on various committees for the local Shire and higher government.

Steve Rigoni
0418 436 993
Mixed farming

Brooke McKimmie
0411 415 671

Brooke is involved in beef production from his family farm at Towong, Victoria.

He has worked in intensive food production in the past with berries, onion seed and seed potatoes. Water serving the property is now used for spring and summer fodder purposes.

A WSC member for three years, Brooke wants to help ensure water plays a central part in healthy, viable and profitable primary production now and in the future.

Karen Moroney
02 6072 0480