Joining a Water Services Committee

Who can join a Water Service Committee (WSC)?

Water Service Committees (WSCs) consist of eight to 10 representatives from the committee's geographical operating area, with some appointments made from specific localities within the area.

WSC members must be:

  • A resident in the WSC's operating area, but do not need to be a GMW customer.   
  • Proposed and seconded by a Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) customer who resides in the WSC's operating area.

What is involved in being a WSC member?

By joining a WSC you are making a commitment to provide advice to GMW on matters relevant to our water services in your area. You will also be a point of contact for local customers who may want to increase their understanding or express their views on current operations and policy matters.

To enable you to fulfill your role as a WSC member, we provide you with access to resources and support through your local GMW Customer Service team.

WSCs meet either monthly or quarterly and meetings can run for several hours. We provide you with previous meeting minutes, an agenda, and other relevant briefing materials in advance, for discussion at the meeting. There are also several forums and quarterly chairs and deputies meetings throughout the year.

Recognised as leaders in their region, a range of Victorian and Commonwealth Government departments and agencies may seek WSC members' knowledge and expertise to inform policy development. GMW works in partnership with these agencies to coordinate such requests.

WSC members are required to adhere to the WSC Operating Rules.

How long is a WSC member term?

WSC members are usually appointed for a three year term.

What is the WSC appointment process?

Each year a number of WSC member positions come up for reappointment and locals are welcome to nominate for a position.

The last nominations closed in May 2016.
If the number of nominations received for a WSC exceeds the number of member vacancies, an election takes place. The election procedure involves a postal ballot within the WSC's operating area.

At the end of the nomination and election process the GMW Board considers the nominees, and appoints suitable candidates to each WSC.

The final step in appointing a WSC member is for successful nominees to complete a declaration of interests and an acknowledgement of compliance with the WSC Operating Rules.

Note: WSC members have asked GMW to review how its relationship with the Committees can be improved. As a result, it is possible the WSC Operating Rules may change.

Who appoints WSC chairs?

Following all WSC member appointments, the GMW Board will appoint committee Chairs on the advice of each committee.