Torrumbarry Weir

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Water Storage Levels

Last Updated 10/07/2024
Current Volume 36817
% of Capacity 100.02
Capacity (ML) 36810
Mar Apr May Jun Jul

Recreational Facilities

Large Grassed Area Car Parking Boat Ramp Fishing Toilets

Facts & Figures

Name Torrumbarry Weir
Stream River Murray
Year of Completion 1996
Construction Concrete & Earthfill
Full Supply Level 86.05 m AHD
Capacity 36,810 ML
Area Submerged ha
Main Embankment Length Weir: 73.5 m
Main Embankment Height 6 m
Hydro-electric Generation nil MW

About Torrumbarry Weir

Torrumbarry Weir visitors centre
Visitors centre

Goulburn-Murray Water operates Torrumbarry Weir on behalf of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.


Torrumbarry Weir is located on the Murray River, 35 km north-west of Echuca.


The original Torrumbarry Weir used 14 removable steel trestles that could be winched out of the river to allow the passage of floods. The first diversions from the weir pool occurred in June 1923.

The structure operated successfully until 1992, when major damage to its foundations occurred. Extensive repairs were carried out to enable the weir to continue functioning, but a recurrence of the foundation failure could not be discounted and the long-term future of the weir was in doubt.

It was decided that a new weir structure was required, and the new Torrumbarry Weir was constructed between 1993 and 1996. The existing lock structure was retained.

The original trestle weir and lock chamber have been listed as Historic Building No 993 in Victoria and permits for works need to be obtained from the Historic Buildings Council of Victoria. Major components of the trestle structure have been preserved and a Heritage Display/Information Centre was established.


The pool formed by Torrumbarry Weir allows for diversions into the Torrumbarry Irrigation Area via the National Channel. Approximately 500,000 ML is diverted to 120,000 ha of irrigated land each year, yielding agricultural products with a gross value of about $130 million.

Torrumbarry Weir also provides water for the Kerang Lakes, an internationally recognised wetland, and is a significant regional tourism and recreational facility.

Recreation and Tourism at Torrumbarry Weir

Facilities Available

Large Grassed Area Large Grassed Area
Car Parking Car Parking
Boat Ramp Boat Ramp
Fishing Fishing
Toilets Toilets
Please observe all signs and directions around our storages for information on recreational activities. Refer to the Land and On-Water Management Plan (if provided above) for detailed information on the facilities available.

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