Kangaroo Lake

Water Storage Levels

Last Updated 10/07/2024
Current Volume 35413
% of Capacity 89.18
Capacity (ML) 39710
Mar Apr May Jun Jul

Recreational Facilities

Large Grassed Area Car Parking Boat Ramp Fishing Playground Equipment BBQ - Woodfired

Facts & Figures

Name Kangaroo Lake
Year of Completion
Full Supply Level m AHD
Capacity ML
Area Submerged ha
Main Embankment Length m
Main Embankment Height m
Hydro-electric Generation MW

About Kangaroo Lake

Water skiing at Kangaroo Lake
Water skiing at Kangaroo Lake

Kangaroo Lake is one of the largest and deepest permanent freshwater lakes supplied by the Torrumbarry Irrigation System. 


Kangaroo Lake lies on the western side of the Murray Valley Highway between Swan Hill and Kerang.


Kangaroo Lake is connected to the system via the No. 7 channel system through Third Lake.  The No. 7 channel continues northwards out of Kangaroo Lake and outfalls into the Little River Murray at Fish Point, supplying the Mystic Park, Tresco and Fish Point areas en-route.

Interesting Information

A former Prime Minister of Australia was born at Kangaroo Lake.  The Right Honourable Sir John Grey Gorton was Prime Minister from 1968 to 1971. Gorton’s Drive and Gorton’s Point were named after the Gorton Family.

Another former Kangaroo Lake resident, Dr Stanley Argyle, went on the become Premier of Victorian from 1932 – 35 and then knighted as Sir Stanley Argyle.


Kangaroo Lake is also part of the Victorian Mid Murray Storages (VMMS) project and under the operating regime under normal climatic conditions it will be held at its normal operating level during February to enable it to supply Torrumbarry System irrigation demands.  Discharges would generally occur during the later months of the irrigation season, generally March and April.  Recreation and boating activities will remain unchanged at Kangaroo Lake.


Recreation and Tourism at Kangaroo Lake

Facilities Available

Large Grassed Area Large Grassed Area
Car Parking Car Parking
Boat Ramp Boat Ramp
Playground Equipment Playground Equipment
Fishing Fishing
BBQ - Woodfired BBQ - Woodfired
Please observe all signs and directions around our storages for information on recreational activities. Refer to the Land and On-Water Management Plan (if provided above) for detailed information on the facilities available.

Further Information

Kangaroo Lake, as Lake Boga and Lake Charm is very popular for recreational boating and water sports.  It is surrounded by horticultural farming and residents enjoy spectacular lake views.

Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Accommodation

For information on local camping grounds, caravan parks and accommodation, please contact the local tourist information centre.