End of Season and Carryover

At the end of each irrigation season water entitlement holders have the option to*:

*Subject to Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning rules, and applicable deadlines.

 Download a copy of our Understanding your options with unused water fact sheet.

Important dates

11 May

Interim* and Spill accounts issued.

*Only customers that have used above 20 megalitres of water will receive an interim account in April. Customer that have used less than 20 megalitres will receive a final bill in June.

8 May

Last day to pay Interim and Spill accounts


10 May

Last day for placing water orders to ensure delivery prior to the end of the irrigation season.


End of the irrigation season.


Last day for submitting:
  • land applications (delivery share and water use licence amalgamations, and subdivisions)
  • delivery share transfer applications.

2 June

End of season accounts issued

18 June

Last day for submitting water share applications.

Last day for submitting:
  • manual applications to trade allocation, processed by GMW
  • manual applications to relinquish allocation, processed by GMW.

Last day for ensuring allocation intended for carryover is in a linked allocation account (ABA).

End of Season June 29

Last day for submitting:

  • online applications to trade allocations
  • online applications to relinquish allocation.

GMW provides water entitlement holders with information about their end of irrigation season options as a courtesy. Customers are responsible for ensuring they undertake the necessary steps to carry over, use, sell or relinquish their unused water allocation before the appropriate deadlines.

More information

The water dictionary available on the Victorian Water Register website can help water entitlement holders understand the terms associated with the end of the irrigation season.

Further information about unused water allocation options is available by phoning the GMW Customer Service Centre on 1800 013 357 or emailing reception@gmwater.com.au.

Water entitlement holders should also consider seeking professional advice from an experienced water broker or solicitor if unsure about their options.