Pricing Simulators

Understanding your 2024/25 GMW Water Accounts

To assist customers in understanding how your fees and charges are changing, GMW has developed a pricing simulator.  

How to use

Please enter information from your 2023/24 Fixed Water Charges account (this account was issued in August 2023) and/or your Consumptive (Variable) Water Charges account issued at the end of the season to calculate how your fees and charges are changing based on your individual circumstances.

What if I don't have a copy of my account?

If you would like a replacement copy of an account that has already been issued, contact your local GMW office or phone 1800 013 357 (Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm) and a replacement copy can be provided free of charge.

Alternatively, roll over the help icons in each simulator and they will describe the information you need to enter into the field.

Irrigation Area Customers

Customers who have their water delivered via the Goulburn or Murray channel networks in the Murray Valley, Shepparton, Central Goulburn, Rochester, Loddon Valley, and Torrumbarry Irrigation Areas.

(There is a separate simulator for customers in Tyntynder region).

Pumped Irrigation District Customers

Customers in the Nyah, Tresco and Woorinen pumped irrigation districts.

GMW delivers water to these customers through dedicated piped supply networks.

Groundwater Customers

Groundwater users in the areas of Lower Campaspe Valley (Campaspe), Katunga, Loddon Highlands (Mid Loddon, Spring Hill and Upper Loddon), Kinglake, Mid Goulburn, Upper Ovens, Lower Ovens, Shepparton Irrigation Area or other.

River Diversion Customers (Regulated)

Diversions customers on regulated supply - customers who have their supply regulated through releases from a GMW managed storage, as well as off stream dam fills.

River Diversion Customers (Unregulated)

Diversions customers on unregulated supply who are reliant on rainfall, spring activity for stream flows, as well as off stream dam fills.

Water Districts Customers

Domestic and Stock customers in the Tungamah, Normanville, East Loddon, West Loddon and Mitiamo areas.

Customers who receive domestic and stock supplies through dedicated supply networks that are piped or open channels.

Flood Protection

Customers in the Loch Garry district pay for the operation and maintenance of the Loch Garry structure, for the purpose of flood mitigation.

Non-Delivery Customers

Customers who own water shares which have no links to an irrigation area (including environmental water share owners).

Customers who own water shares that are no longer associated with land as the result of a land dealing, but remain associated to an irrigation area.


The pricing simulator is designed to provide an indicative guide to pricing comparisons between seasons.

While the pricing simulator is designed to give you an indication of prices that will apply to your combination of services, it does not represent or display all the services that GMW offers and cannot be relied upon to provide a definitive cost calculation in each case. Every GMW customer has a different combination of services and therefore individual circumstances will vary and must be taken into account.