River Diversion Pricing Simulator

Using the Simulator

  • Customers can use the simulator below to estimate either their fixed, variable or total 2022/23 charges.
  • Simply select your location from the dropdown list and follow the instructions.
  • Hover over the help icon for help on what information to place in each box.
  • The form below indicates 2022/23 charges. A comparison with 2021/22 charges will be shown in the final calculation.
Your Location:

Fixed Charges

How to Calculate Fixed Charges

  • Using your 2021/22 Water Services account enter in your individual details in the data boxes below.
  • If you do not have a particular service or charge on your account, do not enter anything in that box.
  • If estimating costs for more than one account (within the specified region only), be sure to add up fee totals on the form for all covered accounts. Accounts in different regions may have different charges, and will need to be calculated separately.
Customer Fees
Customer Fee customer @ $130.00/customer
Water Register Fee entitlement @ $13.91/entitlement charged once per customer
Surface Water Licence
ML Licenced Volume Licenced Volume @ $3.06 /ML
Service Points - Unmetered Unmetered @ $145.00 each
Service Points - Metered
(excluding D&S)
Metered @ $425.00 each
Customer Fee

The Customer Fee is payable once per customer so if you are completing more than one simulator, only add it to one of them.

Water Register Fee

Enter the number of entitlements (WEEs or BEEs) as per your records stored in the Victorian Water Register. The Water Register Fee is payable once per property therefore if you hold multiple properties please add all entitlements for all properties and enter into the field. If you are completing more than one simulator only enter your total entitlement on one simulator.

Service Fee

If you have water shares or delivery shares, specify the number of accounts you'd like to estimate costs for, otherwise leave blank.

ML Licenced Volume

Enter your unregulated surface water license volume in ML.

Total number of service points

Enter your total number of service points here.

Unmetered Service Points

Previously named "Service Points - Small". An unmetered service point is one that is for domestic and stock use only and/or is not metered.

Metered Service Points

Previously named "Service Points - Large". A metered service point is one that is metered and used for purposes other than domestic and stock.

Extraction Share

Enter your Extraction Share if you know it. Otherwise leave the field blank.

ML High Reliability Volume

Enter your high-reliability water share volume in megalitres (ML).

ML Low Reliability Volume

Enter your low-reliability water share volume in megalitres (ML).