Using the Simulator

  • Customers can use the simulator below to estimate either their fixed, variable or total 2019/20 charges.
  • Simply select your location from the dropdown list and follow the instructions.
  • Hover over the help icon for help on what information to place in each box.
Your Location:

Fixed Charges

How to Calculate Fixed Charges

  • Using your 2018/19 Water Services account enter in your individual details in the data boxes below.
Groundwater Entitlement
ML Licenced Volume
Service Points - Unmetered
Service Points - Metered
(excluding D&S)

Licenced Volume

Enter your groundwater licence volume in ML.

Total number of Service Points

Enter your total number of service points here.

Unmetered Service Points

Previously named "Service Points - Small". An unmetered service point is one that is for domestic and stock use only and/or is not metered.

Metered Service Points

Previously named "Service Points - Large". A metered service point is one that is metered and used for purposes other than domestic and stock.