Mildura Weir

MDBA Asset

Water Storage Levels

Last Updated 12/08/2022
Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Current Volume 37088
% of Capacity 101.33
Capacity (ML) 36600

Recreational Facilities

Large Grassed Area Car Parking Fishing

Facts & Figures

Name Mildura Weir
Stream River Murray
Year of Completion 1928
Construction Concrete
Full Supply Level m AHD
Capacity 36,600 ML
Area Submerged ha
Main Embankment Length Weir: 176.0 m
Main Embankment Height 5 m
Hydro-electric Generation MW

Maintenance on Mildura Weir

Essential maintenance works on Mildura Weir will begin Monday 20 June and are expected to take three weeks to complete, including six days to lower the weir pool and six days to refill it.

Boats and other river vessels will not be able to pass through the lock after 4.30pm Monday 20 June. Access by foot to the Lock Island recreation area will also be closed.


Mildura Weir

Mildura Weir is operated by Goulburn-Murray Water on behalf of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission.


Mildura Weir and Lock 11 are located on the Murray River at Mildura in north-western Victoria.


Construction of the Mildura Weir and Lock 11 began in August 1923 and was completed four years later in 1927.

The weir comprises 24 steel trestles, each weighing approximately 11 tonnes. The trestles can be winched from the river to allow maintenance, or to allow the safe passage of flood waters.

Lock 11 is one of several similar structures built along the Murray to enhance navigability while weirs provided stable pools for irrigation development. The lock is a concrete chamber 61.5 m long, 17.1 m wide and 7.6 m deep. Each of the four steel lock gates is 9.4 m long, 6.9 m high and weighs 18 tonnes The lock is filled by opening the four butterfly valves (0.9 m - 1.8 m) that are located upstream of the two upstream lock gates. Water enters the lock chamber via two 2.4 m x 1.5 m tunnels and the chamber can accommodate approximately 4.5ML. The lock chamber is drained by opening four butterfly valves near the downstream gates, which are operated by hydraulic cylinders. The difference between the river levels upstream and downstream of the weir is normally 3.7 m.

The first paddle steamer passed through the completed lock on 2 August 1927.


Mildura Weir provides a stable pool for diversions to Lower Murray Water's Mildura and Red Cliffs districts, and numerous private diversion customers. The construction of the weir also improved water quality in the Mildura region by preventing undue percolation of groundwater.

Mildura Weir and Lock 11 are unique by being the only site on the River Murray where the lock and weir are separated by an island. The 15 ha of bushland on the island provides a habitat for native animals and is a popular tourism site.

Recreation and Tourism at Mildura Weir

Facilities Available

Large Grassed Area Large Grassed Area
Car Parking Car Parking
Fishing Fishing
Please observe all signs and directions around our storages for information on recreational activities. Refer to the Land and On-Water Management Plan (if provided above) for detailed information on the facilities available.

Further Information

There is a constant flow of boating along the river, with between 3,000 - 3,500 vessels passing through the lock each year.

The downstream side of the weir provides locals and tourists with ample fishing opportunities for mainly perch, bream and carp.