Occupation Licences

GMW is still considering permitted structures for Eppalock, but welcomes feedback from Eppalock landowners.  If you would like to provide feedback, please contact the GMW Leasing and Licensing team at occupationlicensing@gmwater.com.au


Review of Foreshore Occupation Licences now complete

In October 2019, GMW established a Foreshore Licensing Customer Working Group to partner in the development of a fair and equitable approach for GMW owned and managed land adjacent to storages and waterways.

Since then, GMW and the 32 members of the working group (across Lake Eildon, Nagambie Waterways and Lake Mulwala) have met, discussed, provided valuable feedback, and commenced the process of reviewing and making changes to what these proposed licences look like.

The current economic climate and social distancing measures have severely impacted the ability to provide effective and timely engagement as would normally be the case. Based on feedback from our Customer Working Group and following a more detailed review by GMW, we have come to a decision on Foreshore Occupation Licensing.

These decisions aim to provide a sustainable and manageable outcome for both customers and GMW at a time where there is significant uncertainty within our communities.

To read more about these decisions please click here.


Water storages and the surrounding land can provide for a range of community benefits, in addition to storing and supplying water for consumptive use. These benefits include environmental health, recreational use, commercial opportunities and community livability.

In areas around some GMW storages, particularly adjacent to residential areas, structures have been placed on GMW land and are licensed to landowners with land directly adjoining GMW land.

Landowners may apply for an Occupation Licence and approval to construct and/or keep privately owned structures for recreational purposes on foreshore land owned or managed by GMW.

In areas around some of GMW storages and waterways, there may also be opportunity to apply for an Occupation Licence to graze livestock or seek formal access over GMW owned or managed land. There may be other time when an Occupation Licence may be appropriate.

Apply for an Occupation Licence

To make application to construct and use new foreshore structure(s), please refer to the relevant storage links for the application forms and to review what structures may be allowed.

To understand the application process, please see the Occupation License Appplication Workflow.

View the Occupation Licence Application Workflow

These applications should be used to apply for, renew, transfer, vary or cancel an Occupation Licence related to:

  • Foreshore
  • Grazing
  • Access
  • Other

Where an Occupation Licence already exists, you will need to make application if you wish to:

  • Apply for a new licence.
  • Renew a licence upon expiration. Note: Cancellation is not automatic upon licence expiry.
  • Transfer a licence due to:
    • change in ownership of the Licensees property attached to the existing licenced area.
    • change in name/s (Company Directors/Shareholding).
  • Vary a licence due to:
    • requesting approval for additional works and structures (including the replacement of existing structures) on the licenced area.
    • removing approved structures.
    • amending the licensed area (grazing only).
  • Cancel a licence if you no longer require it. Note: Cancellation may require an application for a works approval to remove any  works and is subject to approval.

Occupation Licences are issued pursuant to the Water Act 1989, section 132 or under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978, Section 17B and Regulations.

Lake Eildon

Lake Eppalock

Goulburn Weir and Nagambie Waterways

Yarrawonga Weir and Lake Mulwala

Apply for an Occupation Licence

Apply to Renew, Transfer, Vary or Cancel an Occupation Licence

Apply to Undertake Minor Works or Maintenance

This application form should be submitted to your local Storage Manager if you wish to undertake maintenance works on GMW foreshore land, including but not limited to;

  • Tree maintenance or pruning
  • Vegetation clearing
  • Willow or exotic species removal
  • Minor repairs to licensed structures

Application to undertake minor works or maintenance on GMW foreshore land

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Protecting your privacy
Goulburn-Murray Water (G-MW) protects your privacy by collecting and handling your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. Your personal information is collected on this form for the purpose of administering this application and updating the Victorian Water Register. Information collected is usually disclosed to staff involved in processing your application, contractors and other relevant G-MW staff. Failure to provide the information sought may result in processing delays or non acceptance of your application. It may also limit our ability to be able to provide various programs or services. You may gain access to and correct your personal information. For further information please refer to our Privacy Policy at 
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