Foreshore Occupation Licences

Foreshore Occupation Licences

Water storages and the surrounding land can provide for a range of community benefits, in addition to storing and supplying water for consumptive use.  These benefits include environmental health, recreational use, commercial opportunities and community livability.

In areas around some Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) storages, particularly adjacent to residential areas, structures have been placed on GMW land and are licensed to landowners with land directly adjoining GMW land.

To support licensing of foreshore land and structures GMW has developed guidelines.  The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure our waterways continue to be safe and great places to live and visit.

Foreshore licence application process flowchart

Application for Foreshore Occupation Licence

This application should be used to apply for an Occupation Licence and approval to construct and/or keep privately owned structures for recreational purposes on foreshore land owned or managed by Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW). 

The following privately owned structures will require an Occupation Licence, which are issued pursuant to the Water Act 1989, section 132. 

There may be other works not included in this list of examples that will be considered for licencing.

  • Jetty Structure
  • Boat Ramp/Slipway
  • Mooring

Application for a Foreshore Occupation Licence and construction of private structures on GMW's land

We recommend you contact your local Storage Manager to discuss your proposed works prior to completing your application;

Lake Eildon – 5774 3900

Goulburn Weir – 5794 5900

Lake Mulwala (Yarrawonga) – 5743 9300

Lake Eppalock – 5439 8900

Lake Nillahcootie – 5723 3220

Lake Boga – 

Application to transfer, vary or cancel an occupation licence

This application form should be used if you need to transfer or vary an Occupation Licence due to;

  • change in ownership of Licensees property attached to the existing licenced area
  • change in name/s (Company Directors/Shareholding)
  • requesting approval for additional works and structures on the licenced area
  • removing approved structures
  • cancelling a licence

Application to transfer, vary or cancel an occupation licence

Application to undertake minor works or maintenace

This application form should be submitted to your local Storage Manager if you wish to undertake maintenance works on GMW foreshore land, including but not limited to;

  • Tree maintenance or pruning
  • Vegetation clearing
  • Willow or exotic species removal
  • Minor repairs to licensed structures

Application to undertake minor works or maintenance on GMW foreshore land



Jetties, boats and moorings

Design Standards

GMW has developed the Design Standards to ensure that all infrastructure built on and around our lakes, dams and reservoirs meet our minimum requirements and engineering standards.

Standard Moving Floating Type - private jetty

Floating Type - private jetties on waterway banks

Transportable Type - private jetties on waterway banks

Fixed Type - private jetties on waterway banks

Infrastructure Zones Maps

If you’re seeking to construct a jetty on a GMW lake, dam or reservoir the Infrastructure Zone Maps below give an indication of where it could be constructed. Please be sure to check the relevant map prior to submitting your proposal.

Proposals for private jetties will only be accepted on foreshore that is in the private infrastructure zone, indicated on the maps by a red line.

Lake Eildon Infrastructure Zones Map  

Lake Nagambie Infrastructure Zones Map

Lake Eppalock Infrastructure Zones Map

Lake Mulwala Infrastructure Zones Map