Hepburns Lagoon

Water Storage Levels

Last Updated 21/07/2019
Mar Apr May Jun Jul
Current Volume 2386
% of Capacity 97.11
Capacity (ML) 2457

Facts & Figures

Name Hepburns Lagoon
Stream Langdon's Creek
Year of Completion 1871
Construction Earthfill
Full Supply Level 516.05 m AHD
Capacity 2,457 ML
Area Submerged 113 ha
Main Embankment Length 95 m
Main Embankment Height 6 m
Hydro-electric Generation nil MW


About Hepburns Lagoon 


Hepburns Lagoon is located on Langdon's Creek, 33 km north of Ballarat in central-western Victoria.


The initial construction of Hepburns Lagoon was completed in 1871. Enlargement of the storage to its current capacity of 3,000 ML was completed in 1960.

Water drawn from Hepburns Lagoon was used to power the historic Anderson's Mill nearby. The storage is regularly referred to as ‘Anderson's Lagoon'.


Hepburns Lagoon regulates Langdon's Creek flows for irrigation and domestic and stock supplies.

Note: There are no recreational facilities available at Hepburns Lagoon. There is no access to this storage as it is surrounded by private land.