Planned maintenance and outages

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General Enquiries & Emergencies

For General Enquires please call 1800 013 357 during Office hours Monday to Friday.

In case of emergencies Contact 1800 064 184


WaterLINE is currently unavailable - alternatively you can call 1300 469 469 or try again later.

Herbicide use in GMW channels

When planning herbicide treatment in the channel system, GMW works closely with relevant agencies including Catchment Management Authorities, Victorian Fisheries Authority and the Environment Protection Authority to ensure the application is conducted in a controlled and safe manner.

Our operational planning for these types of treatment is extensive, to ensure the best outcomes for our customers, aquatic life and the environment. We are also forward planning for the irrigation shutdown period to look at other ways to treat aquatic weeds to ensure herbicide treatment is used sparingly and as a last resort.