Planned maintenance and outages

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General enquiries and emergencies

For general enquires please call 1800 013 357 during office hours, Monday to Friday.

In case of emergencies, phone 1800 064 184.


Note: WaterLINE is not currently undergoing maintenance.  If you are unable to access WaterLINE please try again later.

Maintenance works on our channel system

GMW undertakes maintenance works on the channel systems that supply our irrigation districts. This includes the treatment of submerged aquatic weeds along various channels across irrigation districts to ensure a more consistent water supply to customers.

Treating weeds helps to ensure GMW’s channels and infrastructure are properly maintained and safe ahead of the next irrigation season.

Fill your dams and tanks to secure your winter water supply

The 2021/22 irrigation season will finish on 15 May and the 2022/23 season will open on 15 August.

During the irrigation off-season, GMW lowers and dewaters channels to enable the crucial maintenance of our channel network.

We cannot guarantee that you will have access to water from the channel network for domestic and stock or irrigation purposes in this period, due to channel maintenance requirements. Your channel could be drawn down at any point during the winter period.

We encourage our gravity irrigation and domestic and stock customers to plan for their winter water needs and consider filling their dams and tanks before 15 May to guarantee a winter water supply. Tuesday May 10 is the last day to submit water orders to ensure delivery.

For more information, including any questions you have, please phone our Customer Experience Team on 1800 013 357 and they will connect you to your local Customer Service Manager.

About herbicide treatment

Our operational planning for these aquatic weed treatment is extensive, to ensure the best outcomes for our customers, aquatic life and the environment.

When planning herbicide treatment in the channel system, GMW works closely with relevant agencies including Catchment Management Authorities, Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) and the Environment Protection Authority to ensure the application is conducted in a controlled and safe manner.

Help and more information

For more information, or to discuss your water needs, please phone GMW on 1800 013 357. For more information on our winter works program visit