Winter Works

Our annual Winter Works program will be again held in the irrigation off-season from 16 May to 14 August 2024.

Our annual Winter Works program is a critical initiative undertaken during the irrigation off-season, scheduled from May 16 to August 14, 2024.

During this period, GMW will undertake maintenance and capital works aimed at enhancing the capacity and integrity of our irrigation network. This is essential to ensure the resilience and reliability of our channel delivery system during the irrigation season.

Program overview

With an approximate expenditure of $10 million, the 2024 Winter Works Program is a significant investment in the upkeep of our infrastructure. Over 60 dedicated GMW staff, alongside contractors, will be deployed to deliver these works.

Works undertaken

Some of the works to be undertaken in 2024 include:

  • Draining channels to remove silt buildup and obstructions
  • Treating channels with approved herbicides to tackle weed growth
  • Replacing bridges, channel culverts, and flume gates
  • Upgrading underground channel crossings, road culverts, and syphons
  • Conducting gate replacement and various structural repairs
  • Remodelling channel banks to extend their lifespan

Weed treatment program

Our winter weed treatment program will target submersed aquatic weeds like Hornwort, Saggitaria, Ribbon weed, and Egeria across the East, West, and Central areas. By eliminating these weeds, we ensure smoother water flow, reduce silting, and mitigate issues with automatic regulators, ultimately providing a more reliable water supply to our customers.

More information can be found at our  winter weed treatment page.

Program timeline

We aim to complete the Winter Works program by early August, allowing channels to recharge and irrigation supply to resume by 15 August 2024.

Safety precautions

The safety of staff, customers, and the local community is our priority throughout the program. Road users are encouraged to exercise caution near work sites, as an increase in road traffic may be experienced during this period.

Map of works

The interactive map displays the locations where dewatering has occurred, as well as the sites enrolled in the Winter Works program.

The legend can be accessed by clicking the button with the three lines on the right hand side. Click a location on the map to see the works taking place there.

More information

If you have any questions about our Winter Works program, phone our Customer Experience team on 1800 013 357.