GMW's winter weed treatment program

Friday 19 April, 2024

Following the end of the irrigation season on 15 May 2024, GMW will be treating aquatic weeds in channels across our region.

GMW treats submersed aquatic weeds in channels to ensure a more consistent water supply to our customers. Weeds affect water flow, promote silting and cause issues with automatic regulators.

To address this issue, GMW will treat affected channels in the East, West and Central areas from 16 May until 14 August 2024.

This means customers will not have access to water in channels until the start of season on 15 August.

While some water will remain in parts of the channel network while we undertake the treatment, this static water will then be injected with herbicides proven to effectively treat aquatic weeds.

While the chemicals have low toxicity to humans and animals, we advise you should not use the channel water for your livestock or spray horticulture and broad-acre crops with channel water during this period.

Customers on channels that are being treated will be informed by a letter at the start of the irrigation shutdown period, and a text message reminder will be sent prior to treatment beginning.

More information on how we treat weeds in our channels can be found in our fact sheet.

If you have any questions about weed treatment in your channel, please phone us on 1800 013 357 to speak to your local Customer Service Team.