Cairn Curran Reservoir

Water Storage Levels

Last Updated 30/07/2021
Apr May Jun Jul
Current Volume 74306
% of Capacity 50.50
Capacity (ML) 147130

Recreational Facilities

Large Grassed Area Car Parking Boat Ramp Fishing Camping Playground Equipment BBQ - Woodfired Toilets

Facts & Figures

Name Cairn Curran Reservoir
Stream Loddon River
Year of Completion 1956
Construction Earth and Rockfill
Full Supply Level 208.46 m AHD
Capacity 147,130 ML
Area Submerged 1,943 ha
Main Embankment Length 656 m
Main Embankment Height 44 m
Hydro-electric Generation 2.0 MW

News and announcements

Upgrade and Maintenance works for Cairn Curran Reservoir

From late April through to late August 2021, upgrade and maintenance works will be undertaken at Cairn Curran Reservior, including re-painting of the outlet tower access bridge.

During this time there will be no public access to the Cairn Curran embankment, and access to the water via the main entrance past the buildings and GMW storage office will also be closed.

The remainder of the storage and facilities will be open to the public for recreational purposes. Access to the recreational area including the toilet block and barbeques will be available via Woolshed Bay.

While the paint removal works are undertaken, a contained worksite will be established including scaffolding with an encapsulated air-conditioning system to ensure the old paint is contained and removed in a safe manner with no risk to the environment and workers.

As we expect some increase in traffic on the roads, we ask drivers to take extra care.

GMW staff and contractors will also be adhering to current government COVIDSafe guidelines while undertaking the works if needed.

If you have any questions about the works, please contact Loddon Campaspe Storage Manager Paul Wakenshaw on 1800 013 357.

About Cairn Curran Reservoir

Cairn Curran


Cairn Curran Reservoir is located on the Loddon River, about 10 km west of Maldon.


Cairn Curran Reservoir was constructed between 1947 and 1956. The storage has a primary spillway, and a secondary spillway situated 2 km south‑west of the main structure that will spill before the embankment is overtopped.

A 2 MW Hydro-electric power station generates electricity when irrigation and flood releases are being made.


Cairn Curran Reservoir was constructed to supply water for irrigation and domestic and stock use to customers along the Loddon River.

Supplements to the Goulburn supply system are available when resources are abundant.

Land & On Water Management Plan

Land & On Water Management Plans are facilitated by GMW and are developed and implemented by the community. They are reliant on community ownership and the ability to attract funding.

Find out more about the Cairn Curran L&OWMP here.

Recreation and Tourism at Cairn Curran Reservoir

Facilities Available

Large Grassed Area Large Grassed Area
Car Parking Car Parking
Boat Ramp Boat Ramp
Playground Equipment Playground Equipment
Fishing Fishing
Camping Camping
BBQ - Woodfired BBQ - Woodfired
Toilets Toilets
Please observe all signs and directions around our storages for information on recreational activities. Refer to the Land and On-Water Management Plan (if provided above) for detailed information on the facilities available.

Further Information

A wide range of recreational activities are permitted at Cairn Curran Reservoir.  These include boating (power and sail), skiing, fishing, swimming, wind surfing, jet skiing and canoeing.

The recreational facilities available include picnic areas, toilet facilities, boat ramps, electric and wood barbeques, rubbish bins and shelters.  There are two Caravan Parks that rely on this storage for their patronage.

Operating levels have been introduced at Cairn Curran Reservoir that best reflect the need to adjust the boat zoning rules as required in the interests of public safety.

The operating levels are as follows:

Click on the map to open a larger version

LEVEL 1        When the storage level is above 200.00mAHD (28% capacity) normal boat zoning
                       rules apply.

Cairn Curran Boating guide Level 2


LEVEL 2        When the storage level is between 199.99 mAHD (28% capacity) and 196.00mAHD
                      (13% capacity) the following rules will apply:

                       * All operators must observe all the buoyed boating zones

                       * Operation of all vessels at a speed above five knots is restricted to the open
                          waters known as Tower Bay.

 Cairn Curran Boating guide Level 2


LEVEL 3        When the storage level falls below 196.00mAHD (13% capacity) the reservoir will
                       be closed to all vessels operating at a speed in excess of five knots.

Cairn Curran Boating guide Level 3


Cairn Curran Recreation Guide and Map


All visitors are asked to be aware of the dangers associated with low water levels and exercise caution.

All recreation areas and toilet facilities are accessible to the public, except the Spillway recreation area, which has no water.  As the season progresses, it may become increasingly difficult to provide access to recreation areas and toilet facilities if we are unable to supply water to them.

For more information on Cairn Curran Reservoir please call the information line on 5475 3900.