Environment Policy

Operating water systems over two-thirds of Northern Victoria directly links Goulburn Murray Water (GMW) to the environment.

Water, air, flora, fauna, other natural resources, humans and their interrelation form GMW’s environment. As a result GMW has substantial interaction with the environment, partnerships with a number of stakeholders and legislative requirements leading to a large and diverse environmental risk profile.

GMW aims to maximise water resource availability for customer use, while meeting key environmental goals and contributing to a sustainable and productive natural environment. GMW’s environmental objectives are listed in the Environment Policy Statement

We're committed to minimising and preventing any adverse impact on the environment caused by our activities.

Activities and initiatives include Catchment Management (including salt interception management), surface and sub-surface drainage support, water quality (including Blue –Green Algae monitoring ) and land management planning.

The Environmental Management System implementation is one of the many tools developed and implemented through GMW.

Flooding for Life Gunbower Forest - The Big Picture

An overview of the project including the smart use of water to meet social and environmental needs.

Flooding for Life Gunbower Forest - Watering and the Hipwell Road Infrastructure

This short video clip provides an insight into the planning behind the construction of the infrastructure at Hipwell Road and why watering Gunbower Forest is important for its long-term health.

Flooding for Life Gunbower Forest - Protecting Cultural Heritage

Working with Traditional Owners to protect the significant cultural heritage sites of Gunbower Forest prior and during construction of the Hipwell Road infrastructure.