Enhancing the Operations of the Lower Goulburn River

The Goulburn River is the largest Victorian tributary of the River Murray. There are two major water regulation structures on the river at Lake Eildon and Goulburn Weir. The lower section of the Goulburn River is located from Goulburn Weir to the River Murray

The Enhancing the Operations of the Lower Goulburn River Project will investigate the re-location of private pump infrastructure from within the river channel.

GMW currently operates the lower Goulburn River to a maximum flow rate of 3000 ML/day in summer and autumn months.

Relocating in-channel pumps in the lower Goulburn to the top of the bank will enable changes to operation rules to incorporate pulse flows of up to 6000 ML per day over summer and autumn and improve operational flexibility for delivering inter-valley trade over that period. It will also provide greater flexibility for environmental water holders to deliver water at shorter notice.