Lake Boga water release to meet customer needs

Friday 22 February, 2019

Water will be released from Lake Boga next month to meet Murray River customer demand.

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) Manager River Operations Andrew Shields said Lake Boga was one of the Victorian Mid-Murray Storages. 

“Lake Boga’s operational purpose is to harvest and release water for distribution to Murray River customers,” Mr Shields said.

“Water is now required from Lake Boga to meet demands downstream of the Little Murray Weir.”  

GMW plans to return water to the Murray River from March 4. The storage is currently about 88 per cent full and is expected reduce to about 55 per cent by late April.

Recreational users are reminded to be to be cautious of hazards in the lake as the water level falls. These could include submerged or exposed rocks, sandbars, trees, shallow water and debris. 

Lake Boga diverters may need to extend suction lines.

GMW plans to refill the lake from excess River Murray flows later in the year depending on conditions during winter and spring. 

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