Irrigators' Share Distribution Project: call to action

Tuesday 2 February, 2021

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is urging eligible customers to ensure their delivery share records are up-to-date, in order to receive a share of the water savings from the Connections Project.

The Irrigators’ Share Distribution Project, will see up to 75GL (long-term average annual yield) of water recovered by the Connections Project, provided to delivery share owners as a once-off distribution. This will be a mix of high and low water share, with the exact mix to be confirmed in the coming months.

The Irrigators' Share Stakeholder Advisory Group (ISSAG) Independent Chair, Paul Weller echoed GMW’s call to action and said it was now time for customers to take a few key steps to help ensure a smooth roll-out of the distribution process.

“Customers eligible for water shares need to check their most recent fixed charges account to ensure delivery share records are accurate,” Mr Weller said.

“If any changes need to be made, or to restructure your delivery share, the GMW Customer Contact Centre can assist.

“Anyone in the process of trading delivery share or buying or selling land with delivery share attached should make sure GMW is informed of any changes to ownership.”

“Thousands of irrigators are set to receive additional water shares they can put to use for productive agriculture.”

Changes to delivery share records need to be made before a census date planned for October 2021.

Customers who may need to restructure their water entitlements and adjust delivery share records include those who have not supplied GMW with a recent sale acquisition.

Water shares will be issued in October 2021. This will be in time for use in the 2021/22 water season, along with any water allocations which would have accrued against these entitlements since July 2021. Due to the need to sell water shares to fund the financial benefits for those less than 0.25ML/day, credits on GMW bills will be provided in 2022.

For more information phone the GMW Customer Experience Team on 1800 013 357 or email  or visit

If you speak English as a second language and would like a face-to-face appointment to discuss the irrigators share, please contact the GMW Customer Experience Team.