GMW urges boating safety at storages and waterways

With school holidays approaching, Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is reminding people visiting its lakes dams and reservoirs to be safe on the water.

GMW Water Storage Services general manager Martina Cusack encouraged people to make safety a priority during the holidays.

“Most our storages are at very healthy levels, so we’re expecting a lot of visitors in the coming weeks,” she said.

“We want everyone to have fun, but most of all we want everyone to return home safely.

“Boat operators should always wear personal flotation devices and maintain a lookout for hazards and other users at all times. Conditions can change quickly, so stay up-to-date with weather reports when heading out.”

For boaters, several simple steps can significantly improve their safety:

  • Observe water levels and the potential for submerged hazards – if in doubt, slow to five knots or less;
  • Seek out local knowledge on conditions and hazards;
  • Maintain a good lookout;
  • Ensure the motor kill switch is attached to the driver;
  • Take note of signage at boat ramps;
  • Ensure the vessel is equipped with the required safety equipment and that it is in good working condition and easily accessible;
  • Remember alcohol and water do not mix. Don’t drink on the water, and;
  • Do not overload the vessel.

Visitors are encouraged read our recreation guides at and visit our recreation website to find out what activities are permitted so they can plan their trip accordingly.

Further information on boating safety in Victoria go to