Camping at Delatite Arm Reserve

If you are planning on camping at Delatite Arm Reserve, please remember that camping on the lake bed is not permitted and anyone who fails to comply with this by-law could face a fine.

GMW and the Department of Land, Water and Environment (DELWP) are working together to ensure people visiting Delatite Arm Reserve can continue to enjoy the site while adhering to recreational by-laws. Authorised officers will be inspecting the site throughout the summer period.

While overnight stays are permitted, camping below the high water mark of the lake, regardless of the water level is not. Lighting fires on the lake bed is not permitted and days of total fire ban must be observed. 

Please note Walsh Cove is a 5 knot speed zone when boating. View a map of speed restrictions and other information for Lake Eildon at our interactive water level map.

Signage has been installed to remind visitors of the by-laws.

Camping at Delatite Arm Reserve

Where to camp at one of Lake Eildon’s most popular reserves 

Lake Eildon and water quality 

Lake Eildon is a water storage managed by Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) to harvest, store and deliver water for irrigation purposes. Urban water corporations who treat the water before supplying it to towns are among the GMW customers who own water in the lake. Protecting the water quality of Lake Eildon is important, along with keeping visitors and users of the lake safe. 

Where can I camp at Delatite Arm Reserve?

Visitors can camp at the many designated camping areas within the Delatite Arm Reserve. However, under GMW’s recreational by-laws, it is prohibited to camp on the lake bed below the high water mark, regardless of the water level. Campfires are also not permitted on the lake bed.

I’ve camped on the lake bed before – why can’t I do it now?

With thousands of visitors to the Delatite Arm Reserve every year, it is vital that the area remains safe and clean for all users, and that the lake bed is not damaged or polluted.

You may have previously camped on the edge of Lake Eildon and haven’t been informed that it is prohibited under GMW’s Recreational By-Laws.

Under the by-laws, authorised officers and any Victoria Police member has the authority to move on persons not camping in the appropriate area, and issue fines where necessary.

These by-laws are in place to protect the water quality in Lake Eildon, which must be upheld under the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 as GMW supplies water to urban water corporations.

Generally, officers will speak to campers and direct them to appropriate camping facilities – we will work with you to make sure everyone’s stay at Lake Eildon is as enjoyable as possible.

What penalties are there for camping or campfires on the lake bed below the high water mark?

Penalties for camping on the lake bed below the water mark apply under GMW By-Law No.86/2023 Recreational Areas.

Penalty units determine the amount a person is fined when they commit an infringement offence.  Information on penalties and values can be found at the Victorian State Government website.

A copy of the by-laws is available at the Victorian Legislation website. 

What amenities are available at Delatite Arm Reserve?

There are a number of camping areas alongside the Delatite Arm peninsula with toilet facilities, fireplaces, picnic tables and shade by native vegetation.

In these permitted areas there are also larger open areas that cater for campervan access, and areas more suited to small camps. These areas are maintained and patrolled on a regular basis, especially during high visitation times and high fire danger periods.

Lake Eildon can be accessed from these areas for activities such as swimming, fishing, paddling and boating. Boats and non-powered watercraft can be launched at the lake edge where appropriate. 

Staying safe on the water

Remember to be water smart when recreating on GMW’s lakes, dams and reservoirs, and stay safe in and around water. Keep to five knots when within 50m of the water’s edge, other vessels, navigation aids, swimmers and fixed or floating structures; and within 100m of vessels displaying a diving flag.

The Delatite Arm of Lake Eildon from Howes Inlet to Walsh’s Cove is a permanent 5 knot zone. More information on water safety is available at

 This is a image of the Delatite Camping Map.  The image is showing that you are not allowed to camp or have fires on the lake bed below the high water mark.