Learn more about managing delivery risks in the Murray System

Thursday 28 September, 2023

Government agencies are partnering to hold two information sessions about managing delivery risks in the Murray system.

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW), the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) will be running the information sessions for customers in the Victorian Murray Delivery System.

The sessions will feature information on how delivery risks in the Murray System are being managed, seasonal conditions and outlooks, how the new Place of Take approvals framework will help with delivery risks and what support is available to customers.

The MDBA actively manages the River Murray to avoid rationing water users wherever possible. However, a shortfall can occur if there is either a heatwave or a sudden spike in demand (a delivery shortfall), or not enough capacity in the system to supply water to meet all downstream needs throughout summer and autumn (a system shortfall).

The Barmah Choke section of the River Murray can only pass flows of about 9000 ML per day, meaning irrigators downstream of the Choke are among those most likely to be impacted by a shortfall.

River Murray customers last experienced a shortfall in 2002.

Among the topics covered in the information, sessions will be the new Place of Take Approvals framework, which is set to come into effect on 20 November 2023.

GMW Water Delivery Services general manager Warren Blyth said learning more about the new framework could be particularly beneficial to water users in the Murray System.

“The Place of Take Approvals framework is a new approach that will protect water users’ rights to take water when water deliveries need to be rationed,” he said.

“It will allow entitlement holders greater flexibility when managing their own delivery risks.

“We are eager for customers to understand this new approach so they can maximise the benefits when it comes into effect on 20 November.”

No registration is required to attend the information sessions. The details for both are below.

  • Wednesday 11 October 2023, 12pm to 1.30pm: Kerang Valley Resort, 76 Murray Valley Highway, Kerang
  • Wednesday 11 October 2023, 5pm to 6.30pm: Swan Hill Resort, 405-415 Campbell Street, Swan Hill

For more information on the upcoming sessions phone GMW on 1800 013 357.

More information about the Place of Take Approvals framework can be found at the Victorian Water Register website: https://bitly.ws/VFcf