Data shows evolution of GMW services

Wednesday 15 November, 2023

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is sharing data about its services with customers to help them learn more about how the water industry is evolving in the region.

GMW’s State of the Services dashboard contains information on the services the water corporation delivered from 2018 to present. It has recently been updated to include the data for the 2022/23 irrigation season.

GMW Strategy and Services Planning general manager Steven Abbott said the data provided valuable insights.

“The State of the Services dashboard helps people see the business trends for the water industry in our region,” he said.

“People can view how their services have changed over the past five years with regards to their specific customer group.

“There is a range of information, such as water usage, allocations, and trades for different customer groups and how these have fluctuated over time.”

The data shows how the above average rainfall in recent years has affected GMW’s services. Both GMW’s diversions and gravity services have seen an increase in customers' remaining water balance at the end of each the past five irrigation seasons.

Water usage has fluctuated across the different services, but groundwater usage has decreased the most due to the high rainfall, with only 12 per cent of groundwater allocations used during the 2022/23 irrigation season.

People can view the State of the Services dashboard by heading to the GMW website: