Understanding your water entitlements

Understanding your water entitlements will help you get the right mix for your irrigation business today and into the future.

Seasonal allocations, carryover, modernisation opportunities, future service costs and tariffs along with the Murray Darling Basin Plan are all reasons why you might be thinking about your future irrigation service needs.

As part of the 2007 unbundling of water entitlements, GMW Irrigation Area customers’ Water Rights and Domestic & Stock Allowances were separated, “unbundled”, into the individual components; water shares, delivery shares and a water use licence.

Unbundling increased the opportunities and flexibility in the holding of water entitlements (water shares, delivery shares, water use licences) by allowing components to be managed independently and water to be owned separate to land.

Our Understanding Your Water Entitlements brochure provides easy to understand information for you to consider in your farm planning.

Understanding your water entitlements