Application to Transform Entitlement

Transformation is the process by which an irrigator permanently transforms their entitlement to water under an irrigation right against an Irrigation Infrastructure Operator (IIO) into a water entitlement. Transformation effectively separates an irrigator's share of the IIO's water entitlement and establishes a separate entitlement that is held directly by the irrigator.

In the case of syndicates that hold water entitlements through supply agreements, the result of transformation is that water entitlements are issued directly to the syndicate (if the syndicate is a legal entity) or to one or more members of the syndicate according to the ongoing supply arrangements between the IIO and the syndicate. The entitlement under the syndicate's supply agreement is reduced by a corresponding amount following transformation.

Irrigation rights are subject to the Victorian Trading Rules for Declared Water Systems, opens in a new window for the purpose of trade of allocation. Customers are not able to trade irrigation rights permanently without transforming the first.

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