About GMW

GMW is a statutory Corporation constituted by Ministerial Order under the provisions of the Act. An independent board of directors (the Board) governs GMW. The Board operates under Part 6 of the Act and reports annually to the Minister for Water and the Treasurer.

GMW is Australia’s largest rural water corporation managing around 70 per cent of Victoria’s stored water resources, around 50 per cent of Victoria’s underground water supplies and Australia’s largest irrigation delivery network.

GMW manages water related services in a region of 68,000 square kilometres, bordered by the Great Dividing Range in the south and the River Murray in the north and stretching from Corryong in the east down river to Nyah. We have more than 21,000 customers using over 39,000 services in northern Victoria.

GMW manages both regulated and unregulated river systems that flow into the Murray and administers groundwater within this area.

GMW also operates a number of storages and weirs on behalf of the MDBA, operates salinity mitigation works on the Murray downstream of Nyah, and is the Victorian constructing authority for the MDBA.

GMW is the Northern Victorian Resource Manager appointed by the Minister for Water and has been given responsibility for making the seasonal determination for all northern Victorian declared water systems. GMW is a partner in the Victorian Water Register, using it to manage more than $4 billion of water entitlements and trade.

GMW also maintains recreational infrastructure and services and manages safe boating access at 14 of its 24 storages. This includes managing 722 houseboat licenses, 11 caravan park leases and 61 clubs. All the dams managed by GMW are available to varying degrees to the public for recreational use such as boating, fishing and swimming. A total of 71 reserves are located around GMW headworks and MDBA storages. Of these, 43 are funded by GMW, 15 by MDBA and 27 partly or fully funded by local councils.

We are also delivering the $2 billion Connections Project, funded by the Victorian and Commonwealth governments. This is the most significant upgrade to the region’s irrigation infrastructure in its 100-year history and is the largest irrigation modernisation project in Australia.

The project will automate much of the water delivery network and replace ageing irrigation infrastructure, meet measurement compliance requirements and ensure equitable access to maintain the true value of water while also reducing the GMID footprint and making water use sustainable by preparing us for future challenges and opportunities. The project has created hundreds of jobs for local contractors, designers, manufacturers and other water-related staff.

The following table details GMW's customer segments as at 30 June 2018.
Primary Service Segment* Example customers Number of customers** Revenue ($m) % of total Customer base Annual Water Use***
Irrigation Horticulture, dairy, mixed farming 12,338 $100m 58% 1,315 GL
Domestic and Stock Rural residential
Mixed farming
Intensive animal industries (eg. piggeries)
6,513 $2.8m 30.9% 12.1 GL
Environmental watering Commonwealth and State environmental water holders 2 $12m 0.01% 649 GL
Bulk water for urban and rural water supplies Urban water corporations 12 $11.2m 0.05% 638 GL
Water investment Investment funds
Agriculture corporations
789 $1.6m 3.7% 6.3 GL
Flood protection Protection of land and property in flood protection districts 35 $0.01m 0.1% 0.0 GL
Recreation Houseboat operators
Recreation clubs
891 $1.9m 4.2% 0.2 GL
Commercial leasing Livestock graziers
Forestry corporations
Caravan parks
337 $2.2m 1.6% 0.5 GL
Contract services Murray-Darling Basin Authority
Local government and catchment management authorities
Commercial contracts
142 $19.4m 0.6% 126.8 GL
Power generation Hydroelectric power utilities 18 $1.5m 0.01% 0.0 GL
TOTAL   21,077 $153m 100%  

* The customer segments have been identified using a single customer view methodology that groups customers based on their primary need. For example, if a customer accesses a gravity irrigation service and a domestic and stock service, they are classified as in the irrigation segment if their gravity irrigation charges exceed their domestic and stock charges.
** Total customers based on single customer view as at 30/06/2018.
*** For the 2015/16 period, as at 30 June 2016.

For more information about GMW, please refer to our most recent Annual Report. 

Our Strategy

The development of GMW’s Strategic Plan started in October 2016 and has incorporated extensive consultation with customers, stakeholders and staff.

The plan defines our goals and the changes we need to make to ensure the future prosperity of GMW, its customers and the region and builds upon the current Strategic Plan.

Our collaboration with customers and stakeholders to develop the 2017 Strategic Plan is complete, with a last step involving our key stakeholder as we progress its implementation.

As a business our focus has now shifted to implementing the projects and initiatives to deliver the goals as outlined in the Strategic Plan and as aligned with Government’s Water for Victoria.

You can find out more about our Strategic Plan at the Our Future page.

Details of Trades

Details of trades that Goulburn-Murray Water has been a party to are available from the Water Register Website. This is a requirement under section 12.38 of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.