Water Quality

Water Quality

Goulburn-Murray Water provides a raw water product to our customers and does not provide treatment services. As the water is untreated, the open nature of the water storage and supply systems means that Goulburn-Murray Water cannot guarantee any particular quality of water.

Water supplied by Goulburn-Murray Water is not suitable for drinking without first being properly treated.

Goulburn-Murray Water is responsible for the management of blue-green algae in its storages and irrigation areas. Goulburn-Murray Water undertakes regular basic water quality monitoring within its storages and supply systems.

Within Goulburn-Murray Water’s area of operation the quality of the water can vary significantly both between locations and over time. Goulburn-Murray Water works in partnership with landholders and other catchment partners to manage ongoing and emerging water quality issues.  Catchment partners include Catchment Management Authorities (North East, Goulburn Broken and North Central), Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning, Department of Economic, Jobs, Transport and Resources, Parks Victoria and local government.

Under the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 Goulburn-Murray Water is responsible for managing risks to water quality from the catchment to an urban water corporations' town offtake.