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GMW By-law No. 1/2013 - Recreational Areas

Duck hunting and blue-green algae

Duck hunting is permitted in certain areas of GMW storages during the Victorian Duck Hunting Season. Recreation reserves and water distribution and irrigation assets are off limits to hunters. For more information, refer to the maps below.

Duck Hunting Maps

Please note that public access for any purpose (including duck hunting) is prohibited along GMW’s channel system at all times.

Staying safe

Our water storages are used by many people for a range of activities and it’s important that all visitors, including hunters, consider other members of the public and the environment, by acting in a safe and responsible manner.

Hunters must not shoot in public recreational areas and around storage assets, even during duck hunting season.

These areas are clearly signposted and are shown on the maps above.

Please note that:

  • Camping is not permitted on GMW managed foreshore or perimeter land (with the exception of Commercial Caravan Parks and Clubs)
  • Campfires are not permitted in GMW reserves or foreshore and lakebed areas. Electric barbecues are available at some reserves (see map)
  • No rubbish services are available in GMW managed recreation reserves, please take your rubbish home and dispose of appropriately.

For more information about how to have a safe and successful duck season, visit the Game Management Authority website.

  • Irresponsible, unsafe or illegal behaviour related to duck hunting can be reported anonymously to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning by phoning 136 186.
  • All firearms related issued or incidents should be reported to the Victoria Police by dialing 000.