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Channel de-watering May 15 to August 15

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Duck hunting 2015

Hunting is prohibited around recreational areas and some GMW storages. Information where duck hunting is prohibited is available here.

Channel and water safety

Your recreational enjoyment is important to us and so is your safety. Know where and how you can have fun in our water storages and facilities
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Goulburn-Murray Water manages water storage, delivery and drainage systems involving 70% of Victoria’s stored water. We harvest, store and deliver water to ensure availability for all customers. Read more>

Water Storage Levels



Last updated: May 26

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Irrigation Allocations

Next announcement: 1 Jul 2015
Broken 100% 100%
Bullarook Creek 100% 100%
Campaspe 100% 0%
Goulburn 100% 0%
Loddon 100% 0%
Murray 100% 0%

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Allocation information is provided by the Northern Victorian Resource Manager

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