An invitation to be heard

This year GMW needs to make some major decisions that will affect all our customers. So, we’re asking you to assist us in making those decisions.

During 2019, GMW will make decisions on the services you receive and our prices for the next four years (2020-24).

We ask you, our customers, to work with us on our Price Review , to make sure our decisions reflect what is important to you and the needs of our business. 

Along with our Price Review, we're also engaging with our customers and community on a number of other projects - you can find out more at our Your Say @ GMW website.


Our Price Review is where we propose our prices for the next four years, to the independent umpire – the Essential Services Commission (ESC). These prices are structured to recover the costs for providing the levels of service you want. We do this through the development of a Price Submission .

We know that cost is a major concern for everyone. We want to work with you to determine the levels of service and pricing arrangements that better meet your needs and priorities.

You have told us the importance of openness about prices. We have heard about the need for equity and for prices to honestly reflect our business costs. We are unpacking and explaining them in detail and we will work with you to ensure we achieve fair and equitable prices.

In 2018, several working groups were established to identify the issues related to prices. These groups generously gave up their time and knowledge and we greatly appreciate that. They discussed a range of issues of importance and began identifying options.

In recent months we have worked on the development of those options.  We are now ready to present these options for feedback, along with gathering more customer input into other important topics (such as Service Standards).  

To do this, we’re hosting a series of workshops and drop-in days across our region. When these are complete and we have collated your customer proposals, we will release a draft document for further feedback.

This will contain what we have heard from you, our responses to your suggestions and the cost. This will provide you with another opportunity to comment, prior to the final version of the document going to GMW Board for decision.


As a first step, we would strongly encourage you to participate online, simply by filling in a quick survey at our new customer engagement webpage – This will provide critical insights to inform our planning.

Our second stage is a program of workshops to be held across the region on a wide variety of topics. The detailed schedule of this and a form to register your attendance can be found below. It explains where, when and how you can actively participate in creating customer proposals to inform these important decisions.

Please take this opportunity to work with us. We’re listening and we’re looking forward to hearing your ideas!

SESSION 1: Infrastructure Access Fee (IAF)

GMW Water Services Committee (WSC) chairs and deputies are invited to this workshop.

 We've heard from our Water Service Committes and other customers that the IAF is still a mystery that needs to be solved. In the past we haven't been clear enough about what the IAF is comprised of - and there is a lot to it.

So we are kicking off with a deep dive into the IAF. This will take a few steps:

  • We will unpack the IAF to make clear the services provided and the costs related to these services
  • We will examine if these costs better fit somewhere else
  • We will examine the component parts in search of efficiencies
Topic Where & When
Exploring the IAF Ballantyne Centre
9 Hastie St, Tatura
Friday 31 May
10am to 3pm


SESSION 2: Service Standards Summit

All GMW customers are invited to this summit.

During this workshop we'll be asking customers to have their say on GMW's service standards.

We will explore all current services and we'll be seeking customer input on their relevance and suggestions for improvements.

Topic Where & When
  • Gravity delivery and drainage
  • Water Districts
  • Diversions
  • Customer Service
  • Customer communications and engagement

Radcliffe's Echuca
2-10 Radcliffe St, Echuca
Monday 3 June
9.30am to 3pm


SESSION 3: Water Services Committee and Gravity Irrigation Working Group sessions

These sessions are for all WSC members and Gravity Irrigation and 25-Year GMID Strategy working group members.

These workshops are specifically for our WSC members and customers who participated in our gravity irrigation working group.

They will cover complex and detailed topics of which our WSC already have a significant understanding.

 Topics Where & When
  • Exploring the IAF
  • Finalising customer proposals on key service standards
Shepparton GMW office
Thursday 6 June
10am to 3pm
Kyabram GMW office
Friday 7 June
10am to 3pm 
Kerang GMW office
Tuesday 11 June
10am to 3pm


SESSION 4: Climate, Hardship and Education

All GMW customers are invited to these workshops. 

At these sessions we'll tackle three important topics. Our Hardship Policy, Communication Education activities and Reducing our Carbon Emissions. We are aware that times are tough at present and some customers need our support.

Topics Where & When
  • Seeking feedback on how we can improve our Customer Hardship Policy
  • Identifying Community Education needs
  • Reducing our Carbon Emissions
Shepparton GMW office
Wednesday 12 June
10am to 3pm
Kyabram GMW office
Thursday 13 June
10am to 3pm
Kerang GMW office
Friday 14 June
10am to 3pm


SESSION 5: Pumped Irrigation areas

GMW pumped district customers are invited to this workshop.

This is our pumped irrigation customers’ opportunity to have their say on service standards and infrastructure needs. We will not only explore current services, we’ll be seeking customer input on their relevance and suggestions on improvements.

Topics Where & When
  • Pumped Irrigation service standards
  • Update on the Nyah and Tresco future
Swan Hill Senior Citizens Centre
125 Curlewis St, Swan Hill
Tuesday 18 June
11.30am to 3.30pm


SESSION 6: Two-day Pricing Summit

  Our Gravity Irrigation customers are invited to this summit.

Reliable water services at affordable prices is everyone’s top priority. This two-day summit will offer multiple opportunities for participants to tackle important topics through workshops, presentations and in-depth discussion. More information about session times will be available on our website closer to the summit.

Topics (to include) Where & When
  • Customer account fees
  • Fixed/variable accounts
  • Price path
  • Service point fees

Radcliffe's Echuca
2-10 Radcliffe St, Echuca
Monday 24 June and Tuesday 25 June
10am to 3pm both days - drop in at any time


 SESSION 7: Diversions

 We will also create other opportunities for customers to give feedback in our diversions areas - watch this space.

Topics (to include) Where & When
  • Pricing and tariffs
  • Service standards
Tuesday 16 July (Note: Date subject to change)
Tatura (venue and time TBC)


This is your opportunity to have your say on all topics in our 2019 Engagement Program - that is, everything we're tackling for our Price Submission. 
Location Where Day Time
Pyramid Hill Pyramid Hill Memorial Hall
30-32 Kelly St, Pyramid Hill
Monday 27 May 2pm to 5pm
Benalla Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlop Learning Centre (Benalla Library)
2 Fawckner Drive, Benalla
Friday 31 May 10am to 2pm
Echuca Radcliffe's Echuca
2-10 Radcliffe St, Echuca
Monday 3 June 10am to 2pm
Shepparton Greater Shepparton Business Centre
70 New Dookie Rd, Shepparton
Thursday 6 June 10am to 2pm
Kyabram GMW Kyabram Office
79 McCormick Rd, Kyabram
Friday 7 June 10am to 2pm
Kerang GMW Kerang Office
78 Kerang-Koondrook Rd, Kerang
Tuesday 11 June 10am to 2pm
Wodonga Felltimber Community Centre
Cnr Melrose Drv and Felltimber Creek Rd, Wodonga
Wednesday 12 June 10am to 2pm
Corryong Corryong Council Office
76 Hanson St, Corryong
Thursday 13 June 10am to 12noon
Tallangatta Tallangatta Library, Early Years & Community Centre
35 Towong St, Tallangatta
Thursday 13 June 2pm to 4pm
Wangaratta GMW Wangaratta Office
5 Murrell St, Wangaratta
Friday 14 June 10am to 2pm
Swan Hill Swan Hill Senior Citizens Centre
125 Curlewis St, Swan Hill
Tuesday 18 June 11.30am to 3.30pm
Bridgewater Bridgewater on Loddon Memorial Hall
37 Eldon St, Bridgewater
Wednesday 19 June 10am to 2pm
Heathcote Barrack Recreation Reserve
126 High St, Heathcote
Thursday 20 June 10am to 12noon
Nagambie Nagambie Mechanics Hall
286 High St, Nagambie
Thursday 20 June 2pm to 4pm
Eildon GMW Eildon Office
19 High Street, Eildon
Friday 21 June 10am to 2pm
Mansfield Mansfield & District Community Centre
10 Bank Place, enter from Erril St, Mansfield
Wednesday 26 June 10am to 2pm
Creswick Creswick Neighbourhood Centre
19-21 Victoria St, Creswick
Monday 1 July 10am to 2pm
Daylesford Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre
13 Camp St, Daylesford
Tuesday 2 July 10am to 2pm
Cobram GMW Cobram Office
Dillon St, Cobram
Wednesday 3 July 10am to 2pm
Rochester GMW Rochester Office
41 High St, Rochester
Thursday 4 July 10am to 2pm
Bright Bright Art Gallery
28 Mountbatten Ave, Bright
Thursday 4 July 10am to 2pm
Mt Beauty Mt Beauty Neighbourhood House
1 Tennis Court Ave, Mt Beauty
Friday 5 July 10am to 2pm


Topics at all Drop-In Sessions
  • GMW Pricing and Tariffs
  • GMW Customer Hardship Policy
  • GMW Customer Communications and Engagement
  • GMW Service Standards



Discussions with Bulk Water customers started through our Bulk Water Working Group. Our approach to continue this important input is now moving to a 1:1 engagement program and targeted workshops.

We’ll be regularly updating this page with more information.

You can also have your say online at any time by visiting our Your Say website at

In the meantime if you would like more information please phone our GMW Customer Call Centre on 1800 013 357.